The Crossdresser’s Secret. Brian O’Doherty. Sternberg Press.

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The Crossdresser’s Secret. Brian O’Doherty. Sternberg Press.

The eighteenth century was an era of violent contrasts and radical change, intellectual brilliance and war, spies and diplomatic intrigue, elegance and cruelty. One of the century’s most mysterious figures was the Chevalier d’Eon, who lived as both man and woman, French spy and European celebrity. Written from the perspective of this historical figure, the novel by Brian O’Doherty—artist and author of, among others, the critical milestone Inside the White Cube and the Booker Prize-shortlisted The Deposition of Father McGreevy—reveals d’Eon’s radical modernity, certified by his attitudes to gender and his examination of his own nature. He ponders the social determinants of sexual identity and studies the manners and conventions governing discourse between the sexes. At the same time, as diplomat and spy, he is involved in the power politics of nations. The novel holds close to historical facts and reproduces some of d’Eon’s comments as recorded in his voluminous journals. Apparently his life did not become real to him until he had rehearsed it in writing.

Design: OK-RM
Published: February 2014
Language: English

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Language to Cover a Page. Kristen Mueller. Motto Books / & So.

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Language to Cover a Page. Kristen Mueller. Motto Books / & So.

Working within a lineage which encompasses Joseph Kosuth’s Purloined (in which the author assembled a single novel from individual pages of different books), Tom Phillips’s A Humument (in which the author creates a new narrative by drawing on top of existing pages) and Ronald Johnson’s Radi Os (in which the author erases words from Milton’s Paradise Lost to create a stirring new poem), Mueller has done more than simply “compose the holes.” With Language to Cover a Page, Mueller has carefully aligned excerpts from disparate books—with differing typefaces intact—into two evolving pages. These pages crescendo before our very eyes, a flipbook of accumulating meaning, where with the passing of every page the narrative becomes aware of its own developing presence. —Derek Beaulieu (excerpt from text insert accompanying the book)

Language: English
Pages: 316
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-940524-09-9

Price: €22.00
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Making Worlds. Amelia Barikin & Helen Hughes (Eds.). Surpllus.

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Making Worlds. Amelia Barikin & Helen Hughes (Eds.). Surpllus.

Making Worlds: Art and Science Fiction is an anthology of new texts by artists, curators, art historians and writers who are self-confessed science fiction fans. The linking point is the idea of science fiction as a platform for the building of alternate art histories. This collection is concerned with the ways in which science fiction might be performed, materialised or enacted within a contemporary context.

Edited by Amelia Barikin and Helen Hughes, with contributions by: Adrian Martin, Amelia Barikin, Andrew Frost, Anthony White, Arlo Mountford, Brendan Lee, Charles Green, Chris McAuliffe, Chronox, Damiano Bertoli, Darren Jorgensen, Dylan Martorell, Edward Colless, Helen Hughes, Helen Johnson, Justin Clemens, Lauren Bliss, Matthew Shannon, Nathan Gray, Nick Selenitsch, OSW, Patrick Pound, Philip Brophy, Rex Butler, Ryan Johnston, and Soda_Jerk.

Design by Brad Haylock

Softcover, 320 pages.

15 €

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The White Review No. 9.

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The White Review No. 9.


Ordinary Voids by Patrick Langley (Essay)

Vladimir Sorokin (Interview)

Chess Review Storyboard by Marcel Dzama (Art)

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author James Murphy’s Notes on Nicola Morelli Berengo by Francesco Pacifico (tr. Livia Franchini) (Fiction)

Poems by Adam Fitzgerald, George Szirtes, Matthew Gregory (Poetry)

Dr Gaz by Jeff Keen (Art)

Even Pricks by Ed Atkins (Fiction)

Gustav Metzger (Interview)

Leaving Theories Behind by Enrique Vila-Matas (tr. Rahul Bery)

Poems by Gerður Kristný (tr. Victoria Cribb and Sigurður A. Magnússon) (Poetry)

Utopia Welcomes You!! by Mark Mulroney (Art)

The Drained Pool by Hunter Braithwaite (Essay)

Rebecca Solnit (Interview)

Eat My Heart Out (Fiction)

Cover art: The Secret Map by Raphaël Garnier

Editors: Benjamin Eastham, Jacques Testard
Language: English
Pages: 176
Size: 17 x 24
Binding: Softcover

16.99 €

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ARC #17

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Arc #17 compendium, Critical Writing RCA.

The Arc 17 compendium brings you the three editions of the journal made in 2012 and 2013.

17.1: RURAL takes on the interchange between rural and urban practice, with contributions from Ruth Beale, Brian Dillon, John Akomfrah and Ute Meta Bauer. 32 pages.

17:2 CROSSINGS tackles the idea of the polymath in contemporary culture, with texts by Chris Kraus, David Morris, Joe Kerr and many more. 36 pages.

17.3: ADAPTATION focuses on methods and processes relating to appropriation and adaptation in literature, art, design and architecture. It counts Yves Lomax and Teal Triggs among its contributors. 36 pages.

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Der Greif #7

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Der Greif #7

Featuring 133 photos, 22 texts from 133 artists.

Language: German / English
Softcover, 96 pages.

Price: D €12,5

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The White Review @ Motto Berlin. 14.11.2013.

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The White Review @ Motto Berlin. 14.11.2013.

The White Review will be returning to Motto Books, Berlin for an evening of performance poetry and prose on Thursday 14 November, beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m.

In line with The White Review’s principles we’ll be presenting an established talent alongside a new voice, both of them performing works that blur the boundaries of performance, art and poetry.

A short introduction by the editors will be followed by readings from Eugene Ostashevsky, Greg Baxter and Matt Lomas, about whom more below. There will be drinks before, during and after the performances.

The Russian-American poet EUGENE OSTASHEVSKY, who contributed an excerpt from ‘The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi’ (about the relationship between a pirate and his parrot) to The White Review 8. Famous for his physically animated, ventriloquistic performances, Ostashevksy’s books of poetry include ‘The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza’, published by Ugly Duckling Presse.

GREG BAXTER was born in Texas in 1974. He is the author of two books, A Preparation for Death and The Apartment. A third book, Munich Airport, will be published in 2014. He lives in Berlin.

MATT LOMAS, whose ‘A Letter That Never Reached England’ featured in The White Review 4, will read a new piece that ‘oscillates between English and German’, appropriately for an event organised by an English-language journal in Berlin.

Ulisses. Stéphane Le Mercier. Édition incertain sens.

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Ulisses. Stéphane Le Mercier. Édition incertain sens.

A collection of reproductions of the many translations of Ulysses, scanned by Stéphane Le Mercier at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Softcover, 44 pages.

Price: D €10

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The Burning Sand Vol. 2. Sarah Lowndes (Ed.).

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The Burning Sand Vol. 2. Sarah Lowndes (Ed.).

The Burning Sand
prose, poetry and art magazine

Edited by Sarah Lowndes
Designed by Sophie Dyer & Maeve Redmond

Published twice yearly in Glasgow

Price: €4.70

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Motto presents ‘Making Worlds’ book launch and temporary store @ IMA, Brisbane. 15.08.2013.

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130721 making worlds cover


Motto presents MAKING WORLDS: Publication launch & temporary store

Making Worlds: Art and Science Fiction is a collection of new texts by artists, curators, art historians and writers who are self-confessed science fiction fans. The linking point is the idea of science fiction as a platform for the building of alternate art histories. This collection is concerned with the ways in which science fiction might be performed, materialised or enacted within a contemporary context. Published by Surpllus.

Motto will also present a temporary bookshop within the IMA during the event, offering a selection of books, magazines, artists’ publications and editions.

Thursday 15th August, from 6pm

Institute of Modern Art
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
420 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley
Brisbane QLD 4006