Most Beautiful Books Australia & New Zealand. Call for entries 2013!

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Most Beautiful Books Australia & New Zealand. Call for entries 2013!

The Most Beautiful Books Australia & New Zealand (‘MBBANZ’) award program has been established to recognise innovation and excellence in book design and publishing in Australia and New Zealand. This biennial award program welcomes entries of all types, but the program seeks to emphasise the most innovative contemporary book design and publishing activity in Australia and New Zealand, including titles from independent and small press publishers. Importantly, the program seeks to minimise barriers to entry: there are no entry fees, and books may be nominated for consideration not only by designers and publishers, but also by readers and collectors.

MBBANZ2013 invites entries that have been published in the calendar years of 2011 and 2012, for review by an independent jury of local and international experts in the field –

Peter Corrigan
James Langdon
Warren Taylor
Layla Tweedie-Cullen
Denise Whitehouse

The awards program will be accompanied by talks and lectures by jury members at the State Library of Victoria, with the shortlisted publications announced and exhibited at MADA Gallery, a part of Monash Art Design and Architecture, Melbourne.

Download the entry form and guidelines here.

Entries close Friday 1 March, 2013.

Fillip. #17

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Fillip issue no.17 – Fall 2012, Kristina Lee Podesva (Ed.)

With contributions by: Kristina Lee Podesva, Jeff Khonsary, Caren Kaplan, Maria Muhle, James Langdon, David Geers, Miwon Kwon, Helen Molesworth, Walid Sadek, David Hartt

D 12 €

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Shadowboxing. Royal College of Art

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Shadowboxing. Royal College of Art

Shadowboxing is a set of four booklets published on the occasion of the Royal College of Art exhibition, also titled Shadowboxing, to make visible the processes of discussion, collaboration and production between artists and curators at different moments between February and June 2011. Contributions take the form of artists’ commissions, interviews and conversations with relevant people from the cultural and political field, as well as essays by the curators.

Issue 1
The dialogue prompted by Giorgio Agamben’s text ‘What is an Apparatus?’ has been central to the development of SHADOWBOXING. Issue 1 reproduces this text including questions posed to the four artists as part of the invitation to collaborate with the CCA students and Marysia Lewandowska’s annotations, which reflect her reading of the text in response to the invitation.

Issue 2
SHADOWBOXING has developed as conversations have unfolded between the artists and curators. What has transpired from this approach over the past months is an exploration of the different ways in which artists enact critique within certain parameters, and an awareness of the paradox: how can one challenge forces that have become so internalised that they are indistinguishable from one’s own shadow? Issue 2 reflects through images and texts the research and the production process of SHADOWBOXING. It also includes the exhibition guide and the programme of events and film screenings.

Issue 3
The act of publication, as defined by the writer Matthew Stadler, constitutes a deliberate political strategy, which enables the formation of a public space through an ongoing circulation of ideas, texts and conversations. Much in line with his thinking, Publication is conceived as a snapshot of the unfolding dialogues that have shaped and continue to inform SHADOWBOXING. The contributions in this issue reflect upon the boundaries between private and public spaces, and how these can be tested or made contingent.

Issue 4/5
A Structure that Wants and To be Another Structure has been conceived as a double issue, where the content of the publications run in parallel. As a whole it both reflects, and confronts the terms used throughout SHADOWBOXING. It includes a text by Wendelien van Oldenborgh and interviews with Lis Rhodes and Rainer Ganahl.

Issue Four/Five is edited by the graduating students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, 2011 and is designed by James Langdon.

D 15€


Simon & Tom Bloor As long as it lasts (2009). Eastside Projects

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Published on the occasion of Simon & Tom Bloor’s first large scale solo exhibition in their home city. As long as it lasts is printed using special Day-Glo inks to vividly reproduce new works inspired by the artists’ interest in (public) modernist sculpture and flawed utopias set amongst an indoor grove of Silver Birch trees.

Simon & Tom Bloor As long as it lasts (2009)
EP3, photographs by Stuart Whipps, designed by James Langdon
Printed by Die Keure, Belgium
341 x 240 mm, 24 pp., Day-Glo inks plus black throughout
ISBN 978-1-906753-14-6

D 10€