Parallel Post #001 Exhibition – Newspaper (collectible posters). Yuri Inoue, Nanako Uebo (Eds.). Parallel Post

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We have been traveling abroad together for over a decade. Last year (2022), for the first time since the pandemic, we toured several European countries in the summer and fall. It was also a good opportunity to visit two of the biggest art festivals of the year, Documenta 15 in the summer and the Venice Biennale in the fall. This exhibition is a compilation of the records of the journey. As graphic/book/editorial designers, we incorporated what we edited into printed materials under the slogan of “editing a journey”.
The fact that we were able to composite our job and hobby in this form further motivated us to continue traveling and learning about the world we have yet to see. We hope that visitors to the exhibition will be able to experience a little of the atmosphere of our travel.

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Repertoire 8. Oda Pälmke. About Books

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Reprtoire 8 zeigt berührende Fragmente aus Architektur und Kunst, Theorie und Realität, die ohne Hierarchie und Sortierung und vor allem ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit assoziativ zu einer Sammlung gefügt sind. Die unendlich aufeinander verweisenden Bilder, Zeichnungen und Texte zeigen ein Formenrepertoire, das Grundlage ist für einen architektonischen Diskurs, der nicht mit der eigenen Problemlösung beginnt, sondern mit der Erschaffung eines Kenntniskosmos der Ideen.

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Graphic #13 in stock!

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Graphic #13 Visual identity issue.

This issue explores the sphere of visual identity. You can find 28 design teams’ projects and their interviews in this issue, which emphasizes the identities within cultural sector such as for museums, cultural festivals, exhibitions, theaters etc., that broadly outline the directions of the current visual identity design.

Maureen Mooren, Hans Gremmen, workroom, Studio Cornel Windlin, Julia Born & Laurenz Brunner, Marie Lusa, Ludovic Balland, Annelys de Vet, Milchhof : Atelier, BAT Team, Metahaven, Manuel Raeder, Studio Astrid Stavro, Project Projects, Cobbenhagen Hendriksen, Barbara Says…, A2/SW/HK, NODE, Linked by Air & Lana Cavar, Sara de Bondt Studio, Elektrosmog, James Goggin, Daniel Eatock, Armand Mevis & Linda van Deursen, Pierre Bernard, LUST, Irma Boom, Pierre di Sciullo

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Graphic #12: Many Stuff special

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Graphic decided to print the whole Many Stuff blog for their new issue. As art director Na Kim would say ‘some people like it, others hate it, but it’s interesting to see the reactions’.

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Graphic #12. Many Stuff special.

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