Const Literary (P)review. 2012.

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CONST Literary (P)review 2012. Editors: Maria Mårsell & Ida Therén

“CONST Literary (P)review began with a quick e-mail, sent from New York Public Library. ‘Why don’t we start a literary magazine, you and I?’ The reply came from a beer cafe in Copenhagen. ‘Let’s do it.’ The idea for CLP came in the shape of a question: Why are there no forums for interesting Swedish literature? Printing is cheaper than ever, historic amounts of books are sold every year, the writing schools are cramped. A brand new Swedish study tells us that the dream job for the regular Swede is to be a writer. At the same time there is no space for first-time authors, except the chosen few the publishers dare to give a shot each year. So where do all the good texts go? As literary-minded people we wanted to find out what’s going on with quality literature in Sweden. Is it doing ok – and if not, how can we get it to shape up and share it with the world?…”

CONST Literary (P)review är en litteraturtidskrift för utmanande skönlitteratur. CLP innehåller tidigare outgivna texter – noveller, poesi, work-in-progress – och erbjuder ett tvärsnitt av den, just nu, mest spännande skönlitteraturen skriven på svenska. Samtliga texter publiceras på svenska och engelska för att nå såväl nationell som internationell publik.

I det första numret, CLP 1/2012, publiceras nyskrivet material av bl.a Helena Granström, Viktor Johansson och Lidija Praizović.

Medverkar i CLP #1 gör/ with contributions by: Tone Brorsson, Olle Dyrander, Sara-Vide Ericson (konst), Tove Folkesson, Helena Granström, Viktor Johansson, Björn Kohlström (essä), Helena Lie, Daniél Lindström, Malte Persson, Lidija Praizović, Meriç Algün Ringborg (konst), Karolina Stenström

Language: Swedish / English
Pages: 196
Size: 22.5 x 17 cm
ISBN: 9789163713569

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