Attached. Jessie Bullivant. Rooftop Press

Posted in writing on November 23rd, 2022
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Attached is a collection of texts that document a diverse range of artworks made by Jessie Bullivant (AU/FI) over the past decade. By replacing the default photographic documentation with written accounts, the artist raises questions about how immaterial artworks are preserved, accessed and ultimately remembered, allowing space for nuances often lost in photographic documentation. As an incomplete survey of the artists’ work, the book blurs the boundaries between art and its documentation, between a conventional monograph and an experimental artist’s book. It gives an exciting glimpse into a committed artistic practice tackling a variety of issues from representation, power and access to subtle social interactions.

Design: Tuukka Kaila
Introduction: Katie Lenanton

Edition of 400

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Fleeting – Tuukka Kaila – Lugemik

Posted in photography on July 24th, 2011
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Fleeting by Tuukka Kaila

4/4 Offset print with 2/0 dust jacket, staple bound

Design: Indrek Sirkel & Jan Tomson

Published by Lugemik

D 10€


Available for distribution

Based on Truth

Posted in photography on August 15th, 2009
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Based on Truth, by the finnish photographer Tuukka Kaila.

Edition on 1000.

D 12€