Borrowing Positions: Role-playing Design & Architecture. Ott Kagovere, Kaisa Karvinen, Tommi Vasko (Eds.). Lugemik

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2nd Edition

A speculative book reflecting on design and architecture centred LARPs (Live Action Role-Play) organised by the Trojan Horse collective. The book is an exploration of Live Action Role-Play as a design and architecture research tool. By inviting the reader to try on different characters, switch roles and reconsider their everyday practices, the book aims to approach issues such as identity, performativity, gender, colonialism, care and fear in the context of architecture, design and urban planning.

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Nobody Expected There Would Be Much Discussion About It. Ott Metusala. Lugemik.

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The book documents the design work of author’s grandmother Kirsti Metusala at the Tallinn Experimental Plant Estoplast where she worked as a designer for 28 years (1964–1992). Estoplast was a factory mainly producing plastic lamps which were highly popular during the Soviet era and even nowadays almost every Estonian family has a lamp or two in their home or country house.

The book consists of a collection of photographs from the archive of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design showing a selection of lamps designed by Kirsti Metusala. It is accompanied by an interview with her by Ott Metusala which is loosely based on comments of different lamp designs, and sheds light on the specifics of working as a designer in Soviet Estonia. The book also includes a short essay by Kai Lobjakas (director of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design) discussing Soviet-Estonian design in a broader context.



Perceiving Something Different After Something Significant Although Things Remain The Same. Laura Toots. Lugemik.

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Perceiving Something Different After Something Significant Although Things Remain The Same.

Published by Lugemik, 2012.
Edition of 200.
Includes an essay by Miklos Gaál.
Designed by Indrek Sirkel.

D 15€


In Vicinity. Paul Kuimet. Lugemik.

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In Vicinity

The photographic series In Vicinity depicts new suburban development areas near Tallinn, Estonia. Shot entirely within a 5-kilometer radius of where I grew up I have tried to document the results of the vast change from former agricultural farming lands to new housing developments in the 2000s. I believe that upon close inspection this deformed landscape can reveal something essential about the culture that produces the desire to live this way. The recent economic downfall has, of course, left some peoples’ desires unfulfilled.

Published by Lugemik, 2011.
Text by Mari Laanemets.
Designed by Indrek Sirkel.
Edition of 300.

D 15€


Fleeting – Tuukka Kaila – Lugemik

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Fleeting by Tuukka Kaila

4/4 Offset print with 2/0 dust jacket, staple bound

Design: Indrek Sirkel & Jan Tomson

Published by Lugemik

D 10€


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