Olympic Poems . Paul Haworth. / Performance @ Chert Gallery 27.07.13

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Olympic Poems

Language: English
Size: 9.9 x 13.6 cm
Binding: Softcover

4 €
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+ This Saturday: Karaoke. Paul Haworth. / Performance @ Chert Gallery 27.07.13

Jonny on a Chorizo + Silk Handkerchiefs Trilogy. Paul Haworth. TRUE TRUE TRUE.

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Jonny on a Chorizo. Paul Haworth. TRUE TRUE TRUE.

THE YEAR IS 2009. Gangs of children, some as young as ten, are slowly roasting puppies over bonfires. To be alive is unrelenting and grim. Pyramid schemesters, balloon boys, gender-row runners. Pop-up brothels in industrial units. Fish nibbling at feet. Facemasks on the street. Pandemic after pandemic. New and more deadly strains keep coming and a sneeze on the tube is now a potential death sentence.

ENOUGH. Because Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley is back – and this is his last goodbye.

Picking up straight after Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere, he returns exhausted, rebarbative, defeated. And impotent. A pact is made: if life remains so desperately miserable, Abs will get off this melancholy-go-round once and for all. But his luck and his London are about to change, following a chance meeting with Ga—

No to spoilers: Jonny on a Chorizo is a book of surprise and adventure. Carrying the reader on a joyous ride through London – its pearly queens, crushed dreams, bashment, blue jeans, scenes of romance in Crowlands – towards a heartfelt climax. Une fin véritable to a trilogy which began with the publication of Silk Handkerchiefs in 2009.

So let’s bump uglies, dance about the Maypole and have one last night at the St Moritz, because this is it: Jonny on a Chorizo is the end for Abs.

Vivat Regina!

English Language
Pages 229 – 376 of Paul Haworth’s Trilogy
ISBN 978-94-90006-00-6

D 12.50€

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Silk Handkerchiefs Trilogy. Paul Haworth. TRUE TRUE TRUE.

Paul Haworth’s trilogy, including Silk Handkerchiefs (2009), Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere (2011) and Jonny on a Chorizo (2013) is also available as a set.

To recap: Our narrator is Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley: seven feet of cherry-sweet loving. With each book taking place over one year, events from 2007 to 2009 energise the narrative as we follow Abs on a life-affirming adventure throughout London. There is Monarchy, dogging, Kahlúa, gangs, galleries, grime and LOVE. Tall, sinewy, statuesque and virile, she is sensualabsational. Her name is Trevoreesia.

LISTEN to Paul and Sam’s Goodbyes here.

D 30€

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Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere – Paul Haworth

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Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere – Paul Haworth

Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley is back. The seven-foot tragedy opens the sequel to Silk Handkerchiefs with the words “2008 was the worst year of my life.” This is the story of that year.

Neon and doors – I’m dead, hell, we’re being pumped in by the dozen – I don’t belong here! – yes you do, sex fiend – to a tight passage – bundles of us trying to get out – bottle-necked against a tunnel of lights – the triple-X, neon and doors, passages to perdition – I shuffle with the masses – nearly there – I notice…a woman – or she notices me – our eyes meet, skinny, late thirties, she is squatting in a doorway, eating a burger, she speaks: “Do you have trouble with the ladies, sir?”

Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere sweeps our hyper-emotional hero across England, into the depths of despair and deranged behaviour, towards a mythical destination – The Lady Field – a fabled area of Hampstead Heath where it isn’t just men who are cruising. Carnforth yobs, Sex and the City: The Movie, dogging fanatics, Christian Slater, Community Support Officers and the Page Street Gang – these are just some of the forces Alex is up against as he seeks to find the manhood, absolution and purpose in life that will empower him to win the love of Trevoreesia, his Absqueen.

All the while, the economy is collapsing – “My life had been in crisis for so long and now the world was catching up,” observes Alex – and the soundtrack to this far-gone era is Take That’s cruel taunt: THIS COULD BE THE GREATEST DAY OF OUR LIVES. Does that day come for Alex Brenchley or will he remain, always and forever, Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere?

Mixing Cockney, teen lingo, Victorian slang and inventive wordplay, Haworth’s colourful style makes for an exhilarating and addictive read. This is the second part in a trilogy of comedic novels about Alex Brenchley.

Published by True True True
Edition of 1000
D 10€

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Letter To Robin Kinross (reprint)

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Andy de Fiets: Letter to Robin Kinross
Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot

22-year-old Andy de Fiets, on the verge of graduating from his graphic design studies, writes to his hero: Hyphen Press publisher Robin Kinross. Andy offers unsolicited advice, seeks much-needed guidance, and shares his thoughts on matters such as typography, The Smiths, Islamic fundamentalism, proper clothing, the homeless, dust covers.

Andy spots every comma but misses every point. A delightful typographic comedy!

Second printing June 2010 (with seventeen minor amendments and a photo insert of Andy himself jumping from a bridge in Zürich)
210 × 125 mm, 24 pages + cover, printed offset in black and red, stapled
ISBN 978-94-90006-01-3

D 5€

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