Pater Noster Video Stories. Michal Pěchouček. Jiri Svestka Gallery

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Pater Noster Video Stories
Michal Pěchouček

Michal Pechoucek fits neither the label of a video-artist nor that of a film-maker; however, his moving images are among his most remarkable artistic achievements – next to his analogue photography and fabric artworks. Michal is a visual artists who analyses the language of various media through thorough observation of daily routine, from which he extracts his stories of moving images, sometimes slapstick, always funny.

The DVD comprises 12 short films made from 1999 to 2005:
– Magic Skyscraper
– Back to School
– Usual Hostage
– Gentle Mail
– Greetings from Prague
– Guard of Honour
– Collector
– Playtime
– Zrzavy Film
– Pram Room
– Passenger Train
– Pater Noster

Includes an interview with the artist by Martin Mazanec.

Published by Jiri Svestka Gallery

D 15€


Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure). Ioana Nemes. Jiri Svestka Gallery

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Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure)
Ioana Nemes

Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure) is an artistic project by late Romanian artist Ioana Nemes (1979-2011). The sculptures from the series can be a seen as a memorial for a particular day in the life of the artist, a project she led as a scientific experiment: “What this project creates is a Polaroid of time consumed in a standartised amount of time.” Systematically and precise the data describes the seemingly unimportant details of daily life and thus becomes – after the tragic death of the artist – powerful monuments of life.

Including the interview “I’m telling you stories, trust me” with Ioana Nemes by Stuart Aarsman and a introductory text by Romanian curator Alina Serban.

Published by Jiri Svestka Gallery 2009 in conjunction with the exhibition: Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure) at Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague (March 21 – April 5, 2008)
Graphic design: Anja Lutz / Book Design
Introduction text: Alina Serban

D 15€


Mluv s ni. Marketa Othova. Jiri Svestka Gallery

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Mluv s ni
Marketa Othova

Marketa Othovas photographs are captured moments of transit: The surface of reality, detected and frozen in the photographic image, gives Othova a rich base upon which to create seemingly subconscious but highly evocative snapshot reminders of a past which seems only just beyond the reach of personal memory. The leaflet Mluv si ni was published in 2005 by Jiri Svestka Gallery and affiliates black-and-white photographs from the series of thirty-one photographs of Björk entitled Talk to Her (Mluv si ni).

published by Jiri Svestka Gallery

Ioana Nemes: Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure), Jiri Svestka Gallery

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Ioana Nemes: Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure)

Published in conjunction with the eponymous solo exhibition of Ioana Nemes at Jiri Svestka Gallery in Prague, 2008.

Texts: Alina Serban, Stuart Aarsman
Art inside covers: Ion Grigorescu
Graphic Design: Anja Lutz

D 15€