Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure). Ioana Nemes. Jiri Svestka Gallery

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Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure)
Ioana Nemes

Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure) is an artistic project by late Romanian artist Ioana Nemes (1979-2011). The sculptures from the series can be a seen as a memorial for a particular day in the life of the artist, a project she led as a scientific experiment: “What this project creates is a Polaroid of time consumed in a standartised amount of time.” Systematically and precise the data describes the seemingly unimportant details of daily life and thus becomes – after the tragic death of the artist – powerful monuments of life.

Including the interview “I’m telling you stories, trust me” with Ioana Nemes by Stuart Aarsman and a introductory text by Romanian curator Alina Serban.

Published by Jiri Svestka Gallery 2009 in conjunction with the exhibition: Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure) at Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague (March 21 – April 5, 2008)
Graphic design: Anja Lutz / Book Design
Introduction text: Alina Serban

D 15€


Kilobase Bucharest A-H, Mousse Publishing.

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Kilobase Bucharest A-H, Ioana Nemes and Dragos Olea (Eds.), Mousse Publishing

A-H is part of a project connected to “Image to be projected until it vanishes,” a group show curated by Mihnea Mircan. This book, published by Kilobase Bucharest, a fictitious art gallery dreamed up by Dragos Olea and Ioana Nemes (the exhibition is dedicated to the latter, who passed away suddenly last April), is the first of three publications aimed at describing Bucharest through a sort of experimental primer: for each letter, eight artists and collectives have chosen a key term that represents a sliver of the Romanian capital.

The resulting portrait conveys the essence of Bucharest from a subjective standpoint that captures the infinite facets of the city’s life and culture.

Edited by Ioana Nemes and Dragos Olea
Published by Mousse Publishing

D 10€


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Ioana Nemes: Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure), Jiri Svestka Gallery

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Ioana Nemes: Monthly Evaluations (Time Exposure)

Published in conjunction with the eponymous solo exhibition of Ioana Nemes at Jiri Svestka Gallery in Prague, 2008.

Texts: Alina Serban, Stuart Aarsman
Art inside covers: Ion Grigorescu
Graphic Design: Anja Lutz

D 15€