dandelion menace. Claude Eigan. Self published

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Drawings by Claude Eigan
Texts by Clara Pacotte, Jackie Donie, Elodie Petit and Thomas Conchou

Published on the occasion of:
‘dandelion menace’
Claude Eigan
Curated by Thomas Conchou
At Artemis Fontana gallery, Paris.
June 05 — 26, 2021

dandelion menace is Claude Eigan’s first monographic exhibition in France. It unfolds around plant presences that form three families: fists bouquets, shields corollas, and wolf trap leaves, all linked to the central figure of taraxacum, which gives the exhibition its title. Commonly called pissenlit in French (piss in bed), in reference to its diuretic properties, this plant with depurative virtues is also called dent-de-lion for its sharp leaves and bushy yellow collar. The works presented at Artemis Fontana all trace, in their own way, the emotional coordinates of the artist. The fists of their friends and relatives make up the intertwined cornucopias in the series Soft and Stone and High, 2020, chimerical presences oscillating between the floral and the aquatic: somewhat plants, somewhat mermaids. The outlines of Berlin’s pavements inhabit the series under no kings, 2021, composed of wall pieces arranged in a defensive formation. Straps in the back allow them to be worn on the arm while brandishing white and purple fleur-de-lis, placed upside down in a cheeky misuse of royal and religious emblems. Finally, the coordinates of LGBTQIA+ places dear to the artist adorn the laughing jaws of the dandelion’s leaves in the series Pissed, 2021, alongside queer slogans and symbols.

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Claude Eigan. Alpina Huus @ Motto Berlin – 17.08.2018

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Claude Eigan. Alpina Huus x Motto
17 August, 6-10pm
In collaboration with Alizee Lenox and Jake Kent
A special cocktail will be served

Claude Eigan (b. 1983, France) uses sculpture as a primary medium, often extending to installation, sound and print. Recent exhibitions include: Haptic House (Horse & Pony Fine Arts, Berlin, 2018),Everytime you switch me off, I die. A little. (gallery Foothold, Polignano a Mare, 2018), Sun Sipping Some Syrup (gallery Frontviews, Berlin, 2018), Times New Romantic (M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin, 2017), State of the art (gallery Lily Robert, Paris, 2017), Meatspace (The impossible project, Berlin, 2016), Comfort Zone (Kunstfabrik HB55, Berlin, 2016).


* * *
Alpina Huus x Motto
10 August—7 September 2018

Adam Fearon, 10 August, 6-10pm
Claude Eigan, 17 August, 6-10pm
Tarik Hayward, 24 August, 6-10pm
Nastasia Meyrat, 31 August, 6-10pm

* * *


This project is curated by Elise Lammer and kindly supported by Pro Helvetia the Swiss Arts Council, Motto and Domus Alpina