Birds of Paradise 2. Erik Van Der Weijde. 4478zine

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birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_1 birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_7 birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_6 birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_5 birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_4 birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_3 birds_of_paradise_2_Erik_van_der_Weijde_4478zine_Motto_Distribution_2

“It’s a zoo out there” is printed as the blurb of the book of heavily rasterised images of German tanks by Erik Van Der Weijde.

In an undocumented interview, the artist recalls the book of penises as inspiration for his book of paradise birds.

* Get your signed copy today (20.5.2015) 18:00-21:00 at Motto Berlin! *


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Erik van der Weijde – Gebilde. Camera Austria

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Erik van der Weijde – Gebilde

Texts by Pierre Dourthe, Frits Gierstberg, Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Dan Rule, Erik van der Weijde, Jan Wenzel

Edition Camera Austria
96 pages
11,3 x 17 cm

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Privacy Settings. Erik van der Weijde. 4478ZINE

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Photographs of a little boy, sleeping.

Author: Erik van der Weijde
Publisher: 4478ZINE
Pages: 60
Size: 22,5×17 cm

Price: €20.00
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Die Wolken (Signed). Erik van der Weijde. 4478zine.

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Die Wolken
Erik van der Weijde

Die Wolken contains photographic reproductions of fighter planes, taken from a 1982 yearbook. This zine is available in Red, Blue or Black ink in a set with all 3 colors.

The Black zine in this set is signed.

First edition , 2012

24 pages
17×30 cm
offset printed in Brazil / ed. 200 each color

D 22€

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NELORE. Erik van der Weijde. 4478ZINE.

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Nelore beef cattle was originally brought to Brazil from India. The Nelore has a distinct large hump over the top of the shoulder and neck. They have long legs which help them to walk in water and when grazing. The Nelore can adapt to all except very cold climates. Brazil is the largest breeder of Nelore.

Publishing date April 2012

24 pages, b/w offset print on 90 grs. Ag Capa paper (Canary).
Saddle stitched.

D 8 €
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Erik van der Weijde. Contemporary Brazilian Politics. 4478zine

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Contemporary Brazilian Politics

Notes on political corruption are published in the press on a daily basis.
The annual cost of corruption in Brazil is estimated to amount to roughly USD 5 billion.
This publication shows a collection of excerpts from the press, gathered over the past few years.
Be prepared to be amazed…

All net proceeds will be donated to a project helping to provide a better future for kids in the poorest neighborhoods of Natal, Brazil, which is my wife´s hometown.

We are currently visiting and selecting these projects.
Guaranteed 0% money deviation.

Trying to make a difference.
-Erik van der Weijde

Contemporary Brazilian Politics
Erik van der Weijde
Published by 4478zine

Vol. I, 2011
20 pages
13×20 cm
offset printed in Brazil
€ 5,99


Foto.zine nr.4 – series, 4478zine

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Foto.zine nr.4 -series, 4478zine

Erik van der Weijde incl. collaborations by Linus Bill, Takashi Homma, Erik Kessels, Paul Kooiker and Eric Tabuchi.

This series consists of 5 new foto zines for which Erik van der Weijde asked different photographers to contribute with a small series of their work. Each of the five issues is a mix of Van der Weijde’s work plus of one of the collaborating artists and all are conceived and designed by Erik van der Weijde.

24 pages (5x)14×19,5 cm
offset printed in The Netherlands
Edition of 500

D 28 €

Available for distribution