Gagarin #23

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Gagarin #23


with contributions by: – Marc Nagtzaam – Title-Track / Second Version / Installation Views / A Hint of Articulation – Fabienne Audéoud – Everything should be said before one actually starts talking… – Christine Meisner – Ausuferung / 1 – Vaast Colson – Desperately trying to be a writer / Pursuing the Tanger tradition – Mekhitar Garabedian – I Remember Nora Karaguezian, May 2011 – Raymond Pettibon – No Title (Liking more the) – Javier Téllez – ARTAUD REMIX – Abraham Cruzvillegas – Autoconstruccion + Index of Artists’ Writings (part 23)

GAGARIN The Artists in their Own Words is a unique and international artists´ magazine that was launched in 2000. Since the exhibition in 2010 it has been an active part of S.M.A.K.´s living collection.

GAGARIN is fully committed to publishing specially written and unpublished texts by artists and is inspired by John Baldessari’s quote: “Talking about art is not art. Speaking can be art but it is not talking about art”.

151 pages
English / Spanish / Dutch

D 17€


Available for Distribution

Ein Magazin über Orte, No.8: PARADIES

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Ein Magazin über Orte, No.8: PARADIES, Spring 2011

Featuring work from:

Ryan Mcginley, Jeff Wall, Raymond Pettibon, Miranda July, Marcus Oakley, John Copeland, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Luc Tuymans, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Michaël Borremans, Zoe Leonard, Bushra Rehman, Ibrahim Samuel, Lidwien van der Ven, Günter Kunert, Jana Gontscharuk, Kevin Coyne, Agi Mishol

84 Pages, 21×27 cm, Offset

D €12, EU €14, WW €16


Available for distribution