Two New Books – ROMA Publications. Launch @ Motto Zürich, 19.01.2012.

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Two New Books – ROMA Publications
With Marc Nagtzaam and Jan Kempenaers
And an exhibition of new drawings from Marc Nagtzaam and pictures from Jan Kempenaers’ book “Picturesque”.

Launch @ Motto Zürich on the 19th of January, 7pm.
The exhibition will be on from 19th to 21st of January 2012.
In collaboration with Corner College.

Gagarin #23

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Gagarin #23


with contributions by: – Marc Nagtzaam – Title-Track / Second Version / Installation Views / A Hint of Articulation – Fabienne Audéoud – Everything should be said before one actually starts talking… – Christine Meisner – Ausuferung / 1 – Vaast Colson – Desperately trying to be a writer / Pursuing the Tanger tradition – Mekhitar Garabedian – I Remember Nora Karaguezian, May 2011 – Raymond Pettibon – No Title (Liking more the) – Javier Téllez – ARTAUD REMIX – Abraham Cruzvillegas – Autoconstruccion + Index of Artists’ Writings (part 23)

GAGARIN The Artists in their Own Words is a unique and international artists´ magazine that was launched in 2000. Since the exhibition in 2010 it has been an active part of S.M.A.K.´s living collection.

GAGARIN is fully committed to publishing specially written and unpublished texts by artists and is inspired by John Baldessari’s quote: “Talking about art is not art. Speaking can be art but it is not talking about art”.

151 pages
English / Spanish / Dutch

D 17€


Available for Distribution