15 Horror Stories by Women Workers. Kristina Bozhurska. Private Print

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15_horror_stories_by_women_workers_kristina_bozhurska_private_print_1 15_horror_stories_by_women_workers_kristina_bozhurska_private_print_2 15_horror_stories_by_women_workers_kristina_bozhurska_private_print_3 15_horror_stories_by_women_workers_kristina_bozhurska_private_print_4 15_horror_stories_by_women_workers_kristina_bozhurska_private_print_5

15 Horror Stories by Women Workers is an artistic documentary project by Kristina Bozhurska, consisted of 15 testimonies by women workers accompanied by drawings made by the author herself. The book is with dimensions of 11×16 cm and 64 pages representing a pocket edition that can fit in the upper pocket of a worker’s coat. In this sense, design and content-wise, this book becomes a sort of a symbolic pamphlet that disseminates the voices of these women and develops a method for the artistic engagement to gain a new, re-elaborated form and realistically contribute to the issue it thematizes. In the book design we are using the Harour font from Alias Collection, designed by Gareth Hague, as well as the strong blue Pantone – two elements that contribute to the atmosphere from the title itself and the stories told by the women.

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Ghosthunter. Vicente B. Ballestar. Re:Surgo!

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Vicente B. Ballestar, born in Barcelona in 1929, is a Spanish illustrator known worldwide for his genre-defining dark pulp and supernatural realist illustrations. Throughout his long career, he has been beloved by aficionados of the genre worldwide, especially for his cover illustrations for Geisterjäger, John Sinclair (Ghosthunter, John Sinclair). From the beginning of the series in the 70s to his retirement in 2007, Ballestar created almost one thousand striking scenes in his preferred medium watercolour, giving the adventures of John Sinclair their unmistakable graphic character and certainly greatly contributing to its cult status. In the horror detective fiction series, published weekly since 1973, Scotland Yard chief inspector John Sinclair is the eponymous protagonist of the German pulp fiction written by Helmut Rellergerd under the pen name Jason Dark.

Full colour booklet, cover 300g paper, inside 170g paper
28 pages incl. cover, 20,8 x 14,5 cm
English text
Published by Re:Surgo ! 2012

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