Tunica Magazine #5. Jose C. Garcia (ed.). Tunica Studio.

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TUNICA presents an art of Individuals. We stand for the reality of the present.
Absolute: The new egos and the melodrama of modernity is the Exploitation of vulgarity, the Improvement of life…
TUNICA is created for this timeless fundamental Artist that exists in everybody.
Unconditional: Popular art does not mean the art of the poor people.
TUNICA is a cape of good hope.
Trust: We need the unconsciousness of humanity. Their animalistic stupidity and dreams, futurism, magic and life!
Staying power! Brave Comrades!
Long live TUNICA!


James Orlando
Sita Abellan
Louisa Gagliardi
Takanori Okuwaki
Roberto Piqueras
Eme Rock
Yung Beef aka Fernandito Kit Kat
Prefuse 73
Ilja Karilampi
Wickerham & Lomax
Alexa Karolinski
Gaspar Noe
Karen Aragon
Le Roy
Matthew Connors
Izaac Enciso
Robert Beatty


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Bad Day #9

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Bad Day magazine, issue 9

Interviews with: Shary Boyle, No Age, Luis Jacob, Glenn O’ Brien, Karl Holmqvist, Gaspar Noé, Trembling Bells, Fred Armisen
Contributors: Asher Penn, Bruce la Bruce, Paul Kneale, Nick Flanagan, Jeremy R Jansen, Cathérine Hug

Extra: limited edition Karl Holmqvist poster inside

D 10€

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com
Available for distribution