Idea Car. Matthew Clifford Green. 2nd Cannons Publications & Motto Books

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Matthew Clifford Green is a young painter based in Los Angeles.

On his canvasses Matthew Clifford Green expends the material of oil paint in a near-facetious way, creating works that border the monstrous with the cartoonish. As the surface of his works mound and extend off the canvas, the act of viewership becomes tactile despite its distance, blending sight with touch. The crudeness of Green’s painting style results in works that bend the formal nature of color and the oil medium towards the realm of hyper simplicity, while carefully dodging the fine line of affected naivety.

He has already held plenty solo exhibitions.

IDEA CAR is the artist’s first book of scribbled poetry.

Published by 2nd Cannons Publications & Motto Books in an Edition of 500


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Catalog of the Exhibition 1984-2011. Bob Nickas. 2nd Cannons Publications.

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Catalog of the Exhibition 1984-2011. Bob Nickas. 2nd Cannons Publications.

This book brings together new texts written to accompany 79 exhibitions organized by Bob Nickas between 1984 and 2011. Nickas chose one work to represent the memory of each exhibition, and through this visual “lens” he reflects on his activity as a curator, offering many behind-the-scenes views to the art world of the 1980s and 90s, as well as intimate recollections of the artists he worked with, and the art works he encountered over the years. The book, then, can be seen as a sort of memoir. Always placing the artists and their works within a social milieu, while also aware of how art travels across time, he reminds us that both lead multiple lives, as an exhibition can reanimate a work from the past, and occasion the discovery of forgotten and marginalized figures among those who are very well-known. This retrospective catalog is also in many ways an ideal exhibition — or collection — 27 years in the making.

With 90 color and black-and-white reproductions, the book features works by:

Vito Acconci . Richard Aldrich . John M Armleder . Barry X Ball . Lisa Beck . Alan Belcher . Ben Berlow . Walead Beshty . Huma Bhabha . Doug Biggert . Marcel Broodthaers . Henri Cartier Bresson . Graham Caldwell . Vija Celmins . Art Chantry . Larry Clark . Verne Dawson . Jules de Balincourt . Jessica Diamond . Trisha Donnelly . Moira Dryer . Gardar Eide Einarsson . William Gedney . Robert Gober . Daan van Golden . Wayne Gonzales . Felix Gonzalez-Torres . Peter Halley . Richard Hawkins . Adam Helms . Eva Hesse . Peter Hujar . Jacob Kassay . On Kawara . Yves Klein . Louise Lawler . Mark Leckey . Sherrie Levine . Judy Linn . Lee Lozano . Chris Martin . Allan McCollum . McDermott & McGough . Adam McEwen . Ryan McGinley . John Miller . Olivier Mosset . Dave Muller . Chuck Nanney . Bruce Nauman . Cady Noland . Amy O’Neill . Steven Parrino . Laurie Parsons . Raymond Pettibon . Jean Prouvé . David Ratcliff . Alex Rose . Sally Ross . Allen Ruppersberg . Sam Samore . Tom Sandberg . Joan Semmel . Stephen Shore . Harry Smith . Jack Smith . Robert Smithson . Mark Stahl. Haim Steinbach. Rudolf Stingel . Lily van der Stokker . Aaron Suggs . Philip Taaffe . Paul Thek . Wolfgang Tillmans . Betty Tompkins . Josh Tonsfeldt . John Tremblay . Alan Uglow . Kelley Walker . Jeff Wall . Joan Wallace . Wallace & Donohue . Dan Walsh . Andy Warhol . Christopher Wool

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Alice Cooper / Suzi Simpson. Brian Kennon. 2nd Cannons Publications.

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Alice Cooper / Suzi Simpson. Brian Kennon.

A pocket-sized collection of images, mostly acquired through fan-based websites, of Alice Cooper, the 70’s shock-rock icon and 90’s Playboy model, Suzi Simpson.

Published by 2nd Cannons Publications 023
Edition of 500
84 pages

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Believe You Me. Ry Rocklen. 2nd Cannons Publications.

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Believe You Me. Ry Rocklen.

Believe You Me is an artists’ book that corresponds with Rocklen’s 2011 exhibition of the same name. For the “book version of the exhibition,” Rocklen had photographer Lee Thompson photograph the raw materials he would then use to construct his sculptures (thrift store acquired trophies, posters, t-shirts, paintings and a found telephone book). Rocklen then used those photographs as the source material for the book. Essentially a series of hyper-detail images of the works in the exhibition, Believe You Me collages the photographs into full-bleed spreads that have been loosely organized around a set of scanned telephone book pages and which function as the book’s chapters (Hair-Handwriting, Ice-Immigration, Religious-Remodeling, etc).

Published by 2nd Cannons Publications 025
Edition of 500.
100 pages

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2nd Cannons. Forest, Brian Kennon. Set of 3 books.

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Forest, Brian Kennon

Untitled #1-10, Agnes Martin, 1990

Disembodied Zombies, Richard Hawkins, 1997

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