Urban Defect #2, #5, #7 – Volker Heinze – Common Sense Editions

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Urban Defect #2, #5, #7 – Volker Heinze – Common Sense Editions

The ‘Urban Defects’ are constructed images from photographs of real existing cities. They were realized as digital type-c prints framed to a size of 120 x 160cm. The ‘Urban Defects’ are part of a larger cycle of work called ‘Time Window’. There they are visually extended with portraits, sea and landscapes as well with advertisements in order to get hold of an album as a visual estate of cultural fragmentations of the 20th century. Sold as a set of three books (#2, #5, and #7).

Printing by Druckverlag Kettler, Bönen
2011, Common Sense Editions and Volker Heinze in collaboration with Motto, Berlin and Schaden.com, Cologne

Edition of 60

D 35€


BLONDE by Nico Vascellari, Published by NERO

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BLONDE, Nico Vascellari, Nero

Blonde is an artist’s book by Nico Vascellari, printed in 500 hand numbered copies + 33 multiples including an original work, numbered and signed by the artist. Published by NERO in collaboration with Hospital Productions.
Conceived both as a book and an artwork, Blonde is a collection of images from one of the artist’s personal archives: a selection of 200 press clippings titled “Blonde”. Each press clipping has been reproduced in its own original format on 80 gsm glossy paper, as ripped and collected by the artist over the last ten years. The whole collection, printed on unbound single sheets, is packaged in a black cardboard box, silkscreened and individually numbered.
The pages of this publication derive for the most part from fashion magazines. The iconographic theme of “the blonde” is represented obsessively. The sequence of the images is random, as is the selection of press clippings. This archive reflects the artist’s personal fetish for the image, in this case of blondes and their collective representation.
Nico Vascellari is considered one of the most important Italian artists of his generation. Coming out of the punk-hardcore scene, his work is a mix of visual art, performance and sound exploration.

Published by NERO

D 70€


Sunday. Paul Kooiker

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sunday. Paul Kooiker
Published by van Zoetendaal 2011, isbn/ean 9789072532077
size 24 x 34 cm, pages 84, edition 1000
D 35€

sunday. Paul Kooiker edition for Motto.
A4 color print. edition of 25. numbered and signed (comes with the book)
D 175€

Mould Map 1

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Mould Map 1

Edited by Hugh Frost (Landfill Editions) & Leon Sadler (Famicon Express)
Published by Landfill Editions.


A3 / 16 pages
2 colour (082U Blue & 805U Fluorescent Orange)
1000 copies

D 10€


Available for Distribution

Encens – On Kris Van Assche, vol 1. 2011

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Encens featuring Kris Van Assche, vol 1, 2011

Published by Samuel Drira & Sybille Walter
Art Direction by Sybille Walter
Fashion Editor Samuel Drira
Photography Axl Jansen, Francesco Brigida, Corinna Schulte, Sybille Walter
Styling by Mauricio Nardi, Rossanna Passalacqua, Martin Michaelis, Samuel Drira

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com

Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky – Mississippiana – Not Finished, Just Begun

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Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky – Mississippiana – Not Finished, Just Begun- 2011

The Edition “Not Finished, Just Begun” was published on the occasion of the exhibition The Eleventh Letter, with Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin – Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, curated by Marie Cozette at BKV Potsdam e.V., December 12, 2010 – January 30, 2011.
Comes in handmade white foil hot stamped cartonage boxes, handnumbered limited edition of 300.

Published by Harpokratés Edition

Inside the Box:
-80 pages Book
-Two Blind Dice
-Magnifying Glass
-16 Handstamped Instruction Cards

D 36€

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com

Olaf Nicolai: Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil

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Olaf Nicolai – Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil

48 Pages
Designed by HIT London/ Berlin
Leipzig 2011

The publication “fait le travail qu’accomplit le soleil” was published to accompany the exhibition from Olaf Nicolai in the kestnergesellschaft, Hanover. It translates the topics and the vocabulary of the exhibition in the space of the book: A tour of the exhibition as a comic. Essays on the work of Olaf Nicolai Anne von der Heiden, and Hans-Hagen Hildebrandt, Monika Szewczyk and Marc Ries.

28.00 €

Available for Distribution

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com

Nightmare Express. Hagel. Lubok Verlag

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Nightmare Express – Hagel

Published by Lubok Verlag

42 pages
21 colored lino cuts and individual hand-colored cover
limited and numbered edition of 300 copies

D 39€

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com

Quick #1 edition: Julian Stalbohm / Quick #2: Jan Paul Evers –

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Quick editions:

– Julian Stalbohm: from the series: famous crashs reenacted by xerox
29,7 cm x 42 cm colour stencil print on 90g/m Werkdruck paper. (not framed)
Edition of 25 signed and numbered (left side)
D 25 €

– Jan Paul Evers: Selbsinhalt und Materialprobe
42 x 29,7 cm 2 color stenil print on 80g/m Munken Print (not framed)
Edition of 25 signed and numbered (right side)
D 25€


Quick #2 – Jan Paul Evers: Selbstinhalt und Materialprobe
D 7€
Available for distribution

Rear Window. Erik van der Weijde. Cafe royal

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Rear Window – Erik van der Weijde

“The wife is at work, the son is at school and i’m stuck in the new apartment. With a cup of coffee and my video camera. Wow, those dogs are so cool…”

24 Pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
numbered 2nd edition of 100
Published by Café Royal Books