The Word Vol. 1 / Is. 3

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The Word Vol. 1 / Is. 3

“The third rate edition”

The Word Magazine is bi-annual print publication with international aspirations and a thick Belgian accent that documents neighbourhood living, photography, fashion, music and the arts.

In this issue:

• Belgian visual artist ANNE-MIE VAN KERCKHOVEN on the importance of scketching.
• The unlikely tale of THE 70,000 VHS TAPE OBSESSIVE.
• The neighbourhood crowing of MARCEL, THE ELECTRO REPAIR MAN.
• The institutionalisation of BELGIUM’S AUTOMATIC BREAD DISPENSERS.
• THE BEST PARTY TENT IN THE WORLD – and it’s Belgian!
• The NOISE-PUNK-ROCK emerging from the country’s French-speaking quarters.
• Eminent Belgian painter LUC TUYMANS on turning points.
• The upper crust of THE COUNTRY’S MOST PROMISING ARTISTS captured in our brand new offices.

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