Esopus 11

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Esopus magazine is from New york. It comes with an audio cd and various experimentations with paper inserts related to the type of content.




Day_5: Kilimanjaro

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Day_4: Gagarin

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Day_3: Piktogram

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Day_2: Spike

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Day_1: Mono.kultur

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The full programme for the week goes as follows:

Tuesday 16.12.08: Mono.kultur.

MK will be presenting a box set containing the 15 first issues, and also videos and pictures connected to the content of the magazine.

mono.kultur is an independent interview magazine from Berlin. The concept behind it is beautifully simple: one issue, one person, one interview – no more, no less. (

Wednesday 17.12.2008: Spike.

In presence of Rita Vitorelli and Christian Kobald
New issue, All issues, Surprise Screening, Talk »From these scattered and intermittent efforts …«

» …it’s going to be very informal, talking, drinks, smoking, … we haven’t decided yet what to do exactely. the only thing for sure is that we want to speak about some »pop« aspects of spike. we’ve chosen a very open title for the talk »From these scattered and intermittent efforts …«, maybe you just speak of your experince as a writer, or what you find interesting with art magazines in general … this looseness is also very much part of spike, we guess.«
Guests: Öystein Aasan, Joachim Bessing, Barbara Buchmaier, Nick Currie (Momus), Hans-Jürgen Hafner, Andreas Schlaegel and Raimar Stange.

Spike is a quarterly magazine for contemporary art that was founded by the artist Rita Vitorelli in 2004, published in Vienna. (

Thursday 18.12.2008: Piktogram.

In presence of Michal Wolinski. All issues presented + various screenings.

Piktogram, the talking pictures magazines, is published in english and polish and is based in Warsaw. (

Friday 19.12.20087: Gagarin.

In presence of Wilfried Huet. Guest: Marilou Van Lierop.

Together with all previous issues, Wilfried will present the magazine’s latest issue (№ 17) including exclusive contributions by Aleksandra Mir, Peter Friedl, Saâdane Afif, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Lee Bul, Danh Vo, Philip Metten and Adam Chodzko.

It will be accompanied by a screening of Aleksandra Mir’s “First Woman on the Moon” (1999, 12’, courtesy Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris) and later on in the night, Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s “Tropical Malady” (2004, courtesy Kick the Machine Films, Bangkok). (

Saturday 20.12.2008: Kilimanjaro

Olu Michael Odukoya, editor of Kilimanjaro , will present all the issues of Kilimanjaro published to this day

In it’s own words, Kilimanjaro is a vibrant printed space dedicated to visual culture and editorial experimentation.
Kilimanjaro’s aim is to generate an environment in which ideas reason with visual pleasure. (

21.12.2008: Motto will still be open from 12h until 20h!

Motto Berlin launch(s)! starting dec. 16th

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Click HERE for the Motto Berlin page

Zurich Zine Sezession #1

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The first ZHZS is presented by Rollo Press and Nieves Books.