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The Aforementioned examines the dynamic relationship between object and human usage. It’s a collection of images that document the objects we encounter in daily life, in a personal yet archival manner.

This collection provides a soulful / geometric interpretation of the linkage between the object and the user. Some object stands oddly intruding from its environment, some sits quietly hidden from any attention, whether artificial or natural, object serves a purpose to someone or something at one point in time. From a cut opened steel fence to mystery hands at an intersection, they are seemingly unrelated yet deeply connected. The sequence reflects on the randomness of a daily encounter giving each occurrence a voice of its own.

Designed by Louis Kang
Introduction by Valarie Frost
Printed with Sensations Print in Taipei

Edition of 100

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Ting Cheng, Ling Yu Tai, Hai Hsin Huang, Po Tsung Cheng, Son Ni

34 pages
Folder size : 22cm × 30.3cm
Paper size : 20cm × 28.8cm
b/w laser on tracing paper, riso color on paper, Binding with file clips.
Limited 300 copies, numbered.

There is a dog. When he sees his tail, he spins around chasing it. He sees with the eyes, and has forgot to smell to know the world.But then someone brings him something, to his nose. He realizes his sense of smell again, and stops chasing his tail.

If we realize our instinct, we can fly.

(Part of the current exhibition at Motto Berlin)


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