Skalitzer 68 – Summer Programme – Margaret Harrison, Petunia, Convolution @ Chert+Silberkuppe+Motto, Berlin. 21.07.2012

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Skalitzer. 68
July 21 – August 25 2012
Saturdays only!

Skalitzer. 68 invites artists, editors, performers for a series of lectures, presentations, exhibitions and events which will take over the spaces of Chert, Motto and Silberkuppe each Saturday, between July 21 and August 25.

21.07.2012: Margaret Harrison, Petunia, Convolution Journal for critical experiment

Margaret Harrison – talk and screening presented by Silberkuppe, starts at 7 pm
Convolution Journal/Petunia Magazine – talk and screening, starts at 8.30 pm

For their joint presentation at Motto Berlin, Convolution, Journal for Critical Experiment and Petunia, developed a talk-screening performance.
The two magazines share a questioning about the status and ways of criticism, experimenting with new ways of communication through their magazines: in Petunia, there are no chapters or sections, but diverse textual forms, from theoretical texts to diary entries to pure fiction or comics, mostly concerning contemporary art.
Convolution journal seeks to promote a proliferation of the forms available for cultural critique, taken in the broadest sense. It ventures to publish short, experimental work that challenges prevailing divisions between creative writing and criticism, poetry and prose, image and text. Convolution brings together a shifting collectivity of scholars, artists, poets, musicians and critics to explore the fragmentary, the interdisciplinary, the visual, the unpublishable, and the miscellaneous.
Conversation about critical form will include readings by Convolution contributors Michael Baers and Christian Hawkey.
Their presentation ends with the screening of “Born in Flames” – starting at 10.00 pm
A 1983 documentary-style feminist science-fiction film by Lizzie Borden that explores racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States Socialist Democracy.
Through the life of two different feminist groups of New York City, the film becomes a manifesto for direct activism, showing different points of view and discussions about it, culminating in the message that the action should inevitably come from the oppressed. 80 minutes, English.

The PROVENCE driftwood collection 2010-2011, Silberkuppe, yard sale. 09.10.2010

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“Pierre Bergé and I wished for our selection to reflect our favourite pieces and for it to evolve with them, quality being the only criterion to guide us.”
Yves Saint Laurent

The PROVENCE driftwood collection 2010-2011, yard sale. 09.10.2010
Skalitzerstrasse 68
start: 5pm

Tobias Kaspar, Living Well is the Best Revenge.

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Living Well is the Best Revenge

This publication accompanies the exhibition ¨Living Well is the Best Revenge¨, Tobias Kaspar, Silberkuppe, Berlin.
Design: Tobias Kaspar with Lina Grumm
Edition of 100 copies

D 14 €

Buy: orders@mottodistribution

Under one umbrella. Silberkuppe (Dominic Eichler and Michel Ziegler). Sternberg Press.

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Under one umbrella, Silberkuppe (Dominic Eichler and Michel Ziegler).
Published by Sternberg Press.
English. 144 pages.

Texts by Silberkuppe, Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann, Kaucyila Brooke, Vivian Rehberg, Jennifer Higgie, MAP magazine, Martin Ebner, basso, a.o.

Contributions by Anonymous, Endre Aalrust, Nairy Baghramian, Phyllida Barlow, basso, Dirk Bell, Gerry Bibby, Juliette Blightman, Kaucyila Brooke, Sabeth Buchmann, Anders Clausen, Maria Cruz, Alice Creischer, Enrico David, Etienne Descloux PE-P, Martin Ebner, Isa Genzken, Julian Göthe, Adrian Hermanides and Andrew Verster, Jennifer Higgie, Janette Laverrière, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Ryan McLaughlin, Motherland, Ariane Müller, Christian Philipp Müller, Sarah McCrory, Sean McNanney, Shahryar Nashat, Henrik Olesen, Kirsten Pieroth, Josephine Pryde, Rebecca Quaytman, Mathilde Rosier, André Rottmann, Andreas Siekmann, Nicolas Siepen, Starship, Oliver Tepel, Till by Turning, Danh Vo and Dr. Joseph Carrier, Stephen Willats, Susanne M. Winterling

This book is the first overall presentation of Silberkuppe. Since it’s founding in May 2008, Silberkuppe has become one of Berlin’s most outstanding independent spaces for contemporary art. Dominic Eichler and Michel Ziegler run the space from a twenty-five square metre room in a former concierge‘s office. Over the last two years they have initiated around twenty projects including exhibitions, lectures, presentations, film screenings, concerts and performances, which together have involved more than fifty cultural producers with diverse interests and backgrounds, including contemporary artists, architects, actors, dancers, designers, musicians and writers. This catalogue comes as a result of the exhibition “Under One Umbrella” (2010) in Bergen Kunsthall, a project that was the culmination of a series of institutional group exhibitions in which Silberkuppe extended their practice out from their own micro-space. It takes the form of a “photographic report” documenting all of Silberkuppe’s main exhibitions and events, as well as presenting several essays related to the projects.

D 23€