50 anniversaries. Freek Lomme. Set Margins’

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50-year-olds: they’re hung up in streets, stuck in dull, damp plastic sleeves; they are taped to lampposts, to electricity substations or traffic signs, or they’re attached to trees with drawing pins.

This publication and exhibition explore the typically Dutch tradition of publicly displaying home made photo collages throughout streets and neighborhoods in celebration of a person’s 50th birthday.

Almost reminiscent of missing pet posters, amateur portrait photographs are distributed and displayed by being taped onto lamp posts and stapled to trees by friends or relatives, at the mercy of public opinion. Exposed to judgment and ridicule by friends, family and strangers, due to the usually demeaning nature of the photographs through unflattering holiday photos and the likes, individuals are exposed, raised out of anonymity and placed in the public eye.

To an extent the street becomes an exhibition space for the non art-oriented person. It’s a document of the democratisation of the public domain, through a tradition which allows artistic expression and experimentation for anyone, under the gaze of a watchful even if disengaged audience.

The presented collection of posters, possibly a study of non-intentional art under the scrutiny of the public eye, constitutes an archive and an ode to amateur, home made graphic design, made possible through the democratisation of artistic means and software such as word art, paint and clip art. A non-hierarchical demonstration of taste and aesthetic is catapulted into the streets and now gathered in the exhibition space. Perhaps involuntarily, the posters bear a sense of humour and irony to the rest of the on-looking public.

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Artist Jokes / Abusive Names for Artists / WHAT TO DO. Ingeborg Scheffers. BASBOEK Publishers

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Artist Jokes / Kunstenaarsmoppen

A fluorescent yellow book in two languages, Dutch and English, with 34 terrible jokes about artists. For example: ‘What do all great artists have in common? They’re all dead.’ The book design is by Ingeborg Scheffers.


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Abusive Names for Artists / Het Scheldwoordenboek voor

Many Dutch find artists irritating. They seem to live off of welfare, do whatever they like, and can even, sometimes, get rich in the process! As a result, there are as many abusive nicknames for artists as there are artistic forms of expression. From this endless landscape, here is a small selection. The book is based on the collection ‘swear words for artists’ from Dutch artist PJ Roggeband.


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When I tell people that I am an artist with a part-time job, they often give me unsolicited advice on how to make money with art. For years I collected these quotes and eventually made the book WHAT TO DO/WAT TE DOEN. Page 23: ‘Make contact with gay people. They don’t have children, lots of money and a refined taste.’ The book design is by Ingeborg Scheffers. Winner of the Sheffield International Artist Book Prize 2013 and the Fundacio Banc Sabadell, Arts Libris, Barcelona 2014.


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