Orizzonte in Italia. Antonio Rovaldi. Humboldt Books & MAN, Nuoro

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I spent more than two months alone on a bicycle, travelling along the perimeter of the Italian peninsula, and then two weeks cycling around Sardinia. I put together hundreds of images of horizons which, day after day, came to form a chromatic stave of seas and skies. Finally, from the confines of my studio, image after image, I pieced back together a fair part of the Italian skyline. (A.R.)
Three years passed between the first journey around the peninsula, over the summer of 2011, and the second journey around Sardinia, in the summer of 2014. This book brings together the photographs that currently make up the work Orizzonte in Italia, starting out from the visual, graphical and theoretical notes that accompanied the artist.

Antonio Rovaldi was born in parma in 1975. The artist’s research moves around the relative themes and perceptions of spaces and landscapes, always showing the relations of the different materials used, like that of photography, video, sculptures and drawings. Since 2006 Rovaldi divides his time between Milan and New York. His recent solo shows include: Hirshhorn Museum Washington dc, The Goma Madrid, Museo MAN Nuoro.

Design: Alessandro Costariol & Antonio Rovaldi

Texts by Antonio Rovaldi, Luca Bertolo, Francesco Zanot, Leonardo Passarelli, Lorenzo Giusti, Pier Luigi Tazzi

Language: Italian / English


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Balconisation. Constant Dullaart. Carroll / Fletcher

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Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution1Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution10 Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution9 Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution8 Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution7Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution3Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution10 Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution6 Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution5 Balconisation_Constant_Dullaart_Carroll_Fletcher_Motto_Distribution4

Author: Constant Dullaart
Publisher: Carroll / Fletcher
Price: €15.00

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Shinro Ohtake: Okusoku – Velocity of Memory

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This catalogue covers the exhibition “Shinro Ohtake: Okusoku – Velocity of Memory” and contains seven illustrated booklets reflecting the exhibition composed of seven sections, one booklet of text information, one poster of his works in Setouchi, one booklet of the installation view and one DVD of his video work, all put into a needle felted bag with the cloth tag on which the title is printed.

– Booklet of text information: B5, vertical / 16p in black and white / adhesive binding
– Illustrated booklet 1: Distant Views of Memories: smaller than A5, modified, vertical / 16p in color + 6p in black and white / side stitching
– Illustrated booklet 2: Afterimages – Inner Exposures: A5, modified, vertical / 24p in color + 4p in black and white / saddle stitching
– Illustrated booklet 3: Africa – Reverberating Memories: smaller than A5, modified, vertical / 40p in color + 6p in black and white / saddle stitching
– Illustrated booklet 4: Japanese Views – Scenes From Inside And Outside: smaller than A5, modified, vertical / 32p in color + 6p in black and white / saddle stitching
– Illustrated booklet 5: Paste – Things That Are Already There And Layers of Memories: smaller than B5, modified, vertical / 32p in color + 6p in black and white / saddle stitching
– Illustrated booklet 6: Handmade books – Body and Books: smaller than B5, modified, horizontal / 20p in color + 10p in black and white / adhesive binding
– Illustrated booklet 7: Sketchbooks – Everyday Landscapes: smaller than A5, modified, horizontal / 36p in color + 10p in black and white / adhesive binding
– Poster: Works in Setouchi, 1994-2013 / B4 / in special color / 2p / half fold
– Booklet of the installation view: B5, vertical / 16p in color + 2p in black and white / saddle stitching
– DVD: Uwajima, 2013 / DVD-video / all region / NTSC / 21min / in color / silent / printed and pressed in Taiwan

Shinro Ohtake: Okusoku – Velocity of Memory
Edition Nord

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Relief #1 / Class

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Relief #1 / Class

This publication originally started as a discussion between artists, the preconceived idea was that the end product would be an exhibition. The proposal quickly turned into a document that outgrew the requirements for an exhibition format and became itself a display on paper. Printed publishing also has a slow steady pace at which objects are distributed, displayed and consumed and this seems to suit the general scope and concept of this project. The project will attempt to address the discourse of display in relation to contemporary practice, a discourse that has intensified from both sides of creative production and creative organisation over the last decade. This discourse has not as yet had a consistent printed platform that can provide a more frequent and interconnected place to exhibit. The creation of Relief is to establish somewhere for these displays to happen.

Issue #1 contributors :
Florian Auer, Hayley Dixon, Damian Griffiths, Hedwig Houben, Jonathan Miles, Fay Nicolson, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Hannah Sawtell, Heidi Kawai Smith, Heidi Kawai Smith

104 pages
19 x 24 cm
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NOIT – 2: Burning. Lisa Le Feuvre (Ed). Camberwell Press & Flat Time House.

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NOIT – 2: Burning. Lisa Le Feuvre (Ed). Camberwell Press & Flat Time House.

Flat Time House is pleased to announce the publication of the second issue of NOIT, FTHo’s creative journal published in conjunction with Camberwell Press. NOIT–2, guest edited by Lisa Le Feuvre, Head of Sculpture Studies at the Henry Moore Institute, considers how burning, an action predominant in Latham’s ideas, has been deployed by artists in various ways.

In addition, NOIT–2 Burning includes interviews with William Raban on Stephen Cripps, and with Annea Lockwood on her ‘Piano Burnings’; and visual contributions by artists Anthony McCall, Camila Sposati and Marlie Mul. Also included with NOIT is a DVD documenting a series of recent ‘Skoob’ performances undertaken as experiments in relation to the recent exhibition, God is Great (10 -19) – John Latham and Neal White at Portikus in Frankfurt.

Pages: 107
Price: €13,50

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vamoose, all cacti jut torrid nites. Julia Rometti, Victor Costales. Kunsthalle Basel.

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vamoose, all cacti jut torrid nites. Julia Rometti, Victor Costales. Kunsthalle Basel.

This publication has been published on the occasion of the exhibition:
“vamoose, all cacti jut torrid nites” by Julia Rometti and Victor Costales

19.06.14 – 24.08.14
Kunsthalle Basel

curated by Adam Szymczyk

Price: €12.00
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Kaleidoscope #21. Decoding Curating

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kaleidoscope 21-motto1kaleidoscope 21-motto2kaleidoscope 21-motto3kaleidoscope 21-motto4kaleidoscope 21-motto5kaleidoscope 21-motto6kaleidoscope 21-motto7kaleidoscope 21-motto8kaleidoscope 21-motto9kaleidoscope 21-motto10kaleidoscope 21-motto11

Kaleidoscope #21. Decoding Curating. Issue 21 – Summer 2014

HIGHLIGHTS: Alex Gartenfeld by Nicolás Guagnini; Sarah Rifky by Laura McLean Ferris; Hanne Mugaas by Gerd Elise Mørland; Anthony Yung by Pauline Yao; Luca Lo Pinto by Ilaria Gianni

MAIN THEME – DECODING CURATING: “Curating Non-Profit” moderated by Jason Hwang; “Curating Large Scale” moderated by Chris Sharp; “Curating The Internet” moderated by Karen Archey; “Curating The Gallery” moderated by Alessio Ascari
MONO: – John Armleder
Interview by Andrea Bellini; Essay by Jeanne Graff
REGULARS: Futura: Femi Adeyemi by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Pioneers: Bob Nickas by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen; Panorama: Los Angeles by Jesi Khadivi; Producers: Stephan Trüby by Carson Chan; Vis-à-Vis: “The Art of Food” by Francesca Gavin
INSERTS: “Portraits of Society” curated by Nicholas Cullinan; Robert Mapplethorpe curated by Elad Lassry; “Coupling” curated by Piper Marshall

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White Zinfandel #5: Shame.

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white zinfandel #5-shame-motto1white zinfandel #5-shame-motto2white zinfandel #5-shame-motto3white zinfandel #5-shame-motto4white zinfandel #5-shame-motto5
 White Zinfandel #5: Shame. Jiminie Ha (Ed.). W/—— Projects. 

A biannual publication by W/—— Projects (“With Projects”), White Zinfandel is devoted to the visual manifestation of food and culture produced within the lives of creative individuals. Interested in the intersections between the various creative fields, White Zinfandel is a continuation of this curatorial experiment, coupling food and art as a reliable means to provoke unexpected reactions, cravings and curiositites.
Each issue is dedicated to a food ‘theme’ and is launched with a curated dinner concepted by a chef who also reacts to the issue’s theme. The dinner itself is an opportunity to create a more immersive artistic experience for the invited community of fine artists, writers, architects, curators and designers.
White Zinfandel is not only a limited edition publication that is carefully curated every issue. It also houses services that include branding, marketing, and design consultation. We also concept innovative collaborative projects with other institutions, organizations and brands.

Contributors: Luca Lo Pinto, Davide Stucchi, Christopher Doyle, Dirk Braeckman, Ji-Had, Gianni Jetzer, Jac Leirner, Iran do Espirito Santo, Marcelo Gomes, Rodrigo Matheus, Ethel Brooks, Leah Whitman-Salkin, Jennifer Jacquet, Graeme Mitchell, Stephen Wong, Rafael Carneiro, Toilet Paper, Penelope Slinger, Bela Borsodi, Yoshi Sadeoka, Michael Borrëmans, Erika Verzutti

Price: € 20.00
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Neukalm. Christian Vialard. Grautag Records.

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Neukalm. Christian Vialard. Grautag Records.

Mixed and produced by Frederic Bigot at the Padded Cell in Berlin.
February 2013
Mastered by Norsq
Front, back and inside sleeve: Nicolas Moulin

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how a mosquito operates. Mahony. Broken Dimanche Press.

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how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-0how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-1how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-2how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-3how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-5how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-6how a mosquito operates-Mahony-brokendimanche-motto-7

how a mosquito operates. Mahony. Broken Dimanche Press.

With texts by John Holten and Sophie Kaplan
Design: Dorothea Brunialti

Mahony was founded 2001 in Vienna, Austria Stephan Kobatsch, *1975 Vienna, Austria Clemens Leuschner, *1976 Göttingen, Germany Jenny Wolka, *1978 Cologne, Germany
Much of Mahony´s artistic production derives from well known and unknown historical facts. This kind of appropriation in Mahonyterms always means questioning, transforming, translating, re-associating and reactivating the chosen topic. With this process they form new rhizomatic nets making connections from past to present, paths that go across geographical and historical zones, social and political contexts. They alienate the viewer by translating found material from ancient times into ours or from one culture into another. At the beginning of a project oftentimes stands a journey to places like Yucatan (2011), Ushuaia (2009) and Brasil (by cargoship, 2009). Therefore works that emerge in public space or in the countryside are later continued in the studio and vice versa. The media and material that
Mahony works with video, photo, print, collage, sculpture, performance, urban intervention and installation. (Victoria Dejaco, 2012 /Deutsche Übersetzung folgt) Most recently they have exhibited in Art Basel, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, La Criée, centre d’art contemporain, Rennes and in spring 2014 they have a solo show at Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna
The Irish writer, artist and publisher, John Holten (b.1984) studied at University College Dublin and the Sorbonne-Paris IV before obtaining an MPhil from Trinity College Dublin. His novel The Readymades was published in 2011, and most recently he has written fictional or immersive texts for the artists Mahony, Natalie Czech, Darri Lorenzen, Jani Ruscica, Lorenzo Sandoval and The LGB Group. His work has been included at Center, Berlin, Malmö Konsthall, The White Building London, David Zwirner Gallery New York (with Aengus Woods) and NGBK Berlin, amongst other places. In 2011 he received a Literature Bursary from the Irish Arts Council. His video commercials for his next novel Oslo, Norway have been exhibited in Plan B Gallery and Team Titanic, Berlin and an extract appeared in the first issue of the journal Gorse in spring 2014. www.johnholten.com

Author: Mahony
Publisher: Broken Dimanche Press
Language: english
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-943196-24-5


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