Erasure. X. Impulse [b]

Posted in photography on January 14th, 2022
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“Erasure is a visual depiction of the modernist erasure of graffiti. It is authored by X, the artist, and I merely the conceptual constructor of what X had innocently, non-artistically performed.” – Eldon Garnet

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X. Glen Cummings, Adam Michaels. W/————gallery.

Posted in graphic design, photography on October 12th, 2011
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X. Glen Cummings, Adam Michaels.

X documents the trajectory of the X symbol within (and without) underground
music culture. As the first step of an ongoing project, the exhibition
opening will launch a book presenting initial visual research. Building
upon the varied meanings and form of the X, the show presents experiments
in a range of media; attendees are encouraged to contribute materials to
future iterations of the project.
Glen Cummings & Adam Michaels.

Michael Brenner, Jordan Carver, Jeremy Dean, Kathryn Holter, Kevin Wade Shaw,
Justin Michael Smith, Stewart Smith, and Chris Wu.

Published by W/————gallery