Teatro della terra alienata: Re-imagining the fate of the Great Barrier Reef. A. Sánchez-Velasco, J. Valiente Oriol, G. Valiente Oriol, M. Rodríguez-Casellas. Bartlebooth

Posted in politics, writing on June 6th, 2022
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Halfway between theory-fiction, speculative fabulation, audiovisual research, and dramaturgy, Teatro Della Terra Alienata stages a fictional scenario of territorial secession. The book addresses the urgency raised by the United Nations’ IPCC report published in 2018, which framed the decay of the Great Barrier Reef as part of a wicked problem that demands radical political actions, along with new imaginaries and aesthetic paradigms. The project proposes a re-appropriation, expansion, and concatenation of existing technologies of surveillance and environmental management embedded in the life cycles of the reef, as well as the infrastructures of extraction existing in the region. Inspired by the Xenofeminist Manifesto, Teatro turns these technologies into the poetic arsenal for a rational, universalist project of emancipation, “cutting across race, ability, economic standing, and geographical position.”.

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