A Circular 3. Pedro Cid Proença w/ Fatima Hellberg (Eds.). Cubitt Gallery

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With contributions by Stefan Themerson, Lisa Maruca Roger Laporte, David Morris, Charmian Griffin, Patrick Coyle, Will Holder, Isla Leaver-Yap, David Morris, Alex Waterman, Helen DeWitt, James Langdon, Jean Shepherd, Maël Fournier-Comte


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Cardinal Pölätüo . Stefan Themerson . Gaberbocchus

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Cardinal Pölätüo . Stefan Themerson . Gaberbocchus

Cardinal Pölätüo is the biography of Guillaume Appollinaire’s anonymous father, who turns out to be an ecclesiastic with a murderous interest in modernist poetry, a faith based on science, and a dreamlife so frankly obscene that only a dictionary of Freudian symbols can explain its innocence.

184 pages
ISBN 0825470517

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A Circular #1

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A Circular #1

A Circular #1 – Summer 2011 was edited and designed by Pedro Cid Proença and Alfonso Martins.

It includes the following:

- The Chair of Decency by Stefan Themerson

- Never Odd or Even by Fay Nicolson

- Under the Counter-Culture by Robin Fior

- The Impostor by Nathanael West

- Open Letter to Monotype by Open Source Publishing

- A Knight in the White House, A Quarrel with a Post

Marxist by Mathew Whittington

- Middle of Nowhere (continued) by Will Holder

- Notes of intention for a letter to the film by Maël

Fournier- Comte

- Throwing A Rubber Band in the Air by Xavier Antin

English / 112 pages

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