Album, Magazin Für Fotografie Same/Same #2.

Posted in art, magazines, photography on September 17th, 2011
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Album, Magazin Für Fotografie #2

The forthcoming second issue examines the question of the singularity of photo­graphs: how new and unseen can pictures still be today? Which artistic possibi­lities lie in the doubling of motifs? Which concepts play with repetition and recognition?

A large amount of image data circulates in the internet and is becoming vast: Every street is photographed and able to be found using a search engine, every birthday, and every vacation is documented and uploaded for viewing. With this amount of material, there is no shortage of similarity and doubling so it is natural to use databanks, the fringe and chance products in the web for your own work: New design and curation, sampling and re-enactment are considered to be artistic approaches for the image worlds in the web. Upon closer examination, while it still seems possible to produce a unique photo, it is that much more fascinating to actively handle and play with photographic doppelgangers: Histo­rical shots, amateur photos and other image material all become the basis for artistic concepts, which Album #2 selects as its topic. This concerns model and replica, copying and simulation, re-contextualization and recognition. And ulti­mately it is concerned with the fear of encountering one’s own pictorial ideas, motifs and concepts as well as the conscious, self-ironic way of hand ling it.

September 2011
ISSN 21924139
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