Zeitungsfotos / Newspaper Photographs. Thomas Ruff. Bookhorse.

Posted in photography on August 29th, 2014
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Zeitungsfotos / Newspaper Photographs. Thomas Ruff. Bookhorse.

Between 1981 and 1991 Thomas Ruff collected photographs from German newspapers and weeklies, amassing an archive of 2500 images. In 1990 and 1991 he selected 400 images from it, according to entirely subjective criteria, photographed them without captions, and had them reproduced as color prints in twice their original size.
For this book, Thomas Ruff re-photographed the templates of the Zeitungsfotos series so they could be reproduced in black-and-white on a colored background.

Designed by Lex Trüb

German / English
19.4 x 13.8 cm
800 pages


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THE DEPOSITION OF RICHARD PRINCE In the case of Cariou v. Prince et al. Greg Allen (Ed.). Bookhorse

Posted in writing on January 14th, 2013
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French photographer Patrick Cariou accused Richard Prince of copying 41 images of rastafarians and landscapes from his book Yes Rasta, which Richard Prince was using for a series of paintings and collages called the Canal Zone. A deposition is the out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that is reduced to writing for later use in court. In such a scenario Richard Prince had to explain and defend his art, his career, and his decades-long practice of appropriating images made by others. Collected and arranged by artist and blogger Greg Allen, this Q & A must be the most detailed insight about his career and work he ever gave to this day. For a maximum of almost seven hours he had to answer the extensive, confrontational questioning by the attorney of Patrick Cariou- under oath.

Author: Greg Allen (Ed.)
Publisher: Bookhorse
Language: English
Size: 18 x 11 cm
Weight: 205 g
Binding: Softcover

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