Compiled Daydreaming, Lara Dhondt, APE

Posted in art, Motto Berlin store, sculpture, zines on April 12th, 2011
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Compiled Daydreaming by Lara Dhondt

The interest of Lara Dhondt is directed towards a fast, minimal, and vital human need to appropriate a personal space; conquering one’s own place in the world.
An important element within the artist´s work is the installing of these demarcations in urban landscape, she works with (waste) materials gathered on the spot . The photographic representation becomes a monumental document of an ephemeral action in public space.
These constructions can generate and feed ‘daydreaming’; They function as primitive , primary sculptures based on human measurements.

24 pages, 195 x 270 mm
Published by APE, Belgium.

D 10€