Askanian Virgin (CD). Edward Sol & Anla Courtis. I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free

Posted in Field recordings, music on January 9th, 2023
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“Many years ago Alan Courtis and I started swapping audio recordings we made in deserted places known as “steppe”. I recorded many in South Ukraine, on the last spot of the European virginal steppe known as Askania Nova. Alan found his sounds in Patagonia, Argentina, it’s another steppe territory, another part of the globe. Both are unusual places to get some interesting field recordings.

What you can hear on these audio files? It is something close to “nothing”. No clear particular sound objects, no dramatic movements, or even no specific audio atmosphere. Maybe a little of distant wind’s breath. Maybe some touch of dry summer grass. Maybe some echo of Bird-Queen singing her eternal song. Maybe the memory of ancient Godness walked these fields long before us. Maybe it’s just the vibration of Earth. Maybe it’s just our imagination. Too many “maybe” you can hear there…

Alan and I composed our pieces based on these original recordings and layers of processed/altered/filtered etc. variations of sounds.

Learn to listen to nothing and you will get to hear everything.”
– Edward Sol

Released October 25, 2022

Edward Sol – field recordings & tapes, sound sources recorded in Ukraine
Anla Courtis – field recordings & tapes, sound sources recorded in Argentina
Artwork by Alexander Khaverchuk
Layout by Zavoloka
Release produced by Dmytro Fedorenko

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