T.O.1 (cassette special edition)

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Black Cassette Tape, handmade printed fabric case, riso printed
paper cover, DL code.
Limited to 40 copies.

1st self-released EP of Tot Onyx, T.O.1 is a collection of fragments of Onyx’s live performances from recent years (mainly 2023), recorded in her studio as part of her creative process during the preparations. While her albums are highly conceptual and revolve around specific subjects, this EP serves more as her annual report, in which she aims to share with the public how her thoughts are shaped by time through the practice of performing live.
released February 2, 2024

Recorded and mixed by Tot Onyx in Berlin, DE.
Mastered by Koshiro Hino in Osaka, JP.
Artwork by Tot Onyx.

  1. (Ever Get The Feeling) You’ve Been Cheated? 03:44
  2. Naked Repugnance 03:24
  3. Mutilation pt.2 02:39
  4. Carnival of Anxiety 05:05
  5. Sasshobun, Shori 05:12
  6. Mutilation pt.1 02:00
  7. Karma 02:58
  8. Feeding The Enemy 04:33

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