GOOD LIFE. Meike Männel.

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Good Life was awarded with the German Photo Book Prize 21/22 in silver. 
Good Life is a hybrid of a photobook and an artist catalog that summarizes the work from 2017 to 2021 by artist Meike Mann& (b. 1991 in Nuremberg, Germany). It’s the first book Mannel published after her graduation from Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany and goes hand in hand with her exhibition at Kunsthaus Nurnberg in Nuremberg. in order to realize this project, she applied for a debutant promotion. 
Meike Marine’ works mainly on different ongoing series, a selection of which is presented in the first part of the artistbook. After a paper change beginning halfway, there are two texts about Manners work by art historian Dr. Teresa Bischoff (former professor of Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg) and writer Anna Hofmann (masters study at Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig). In the back of the book, her more experimental photo silkscreens and photo installations are shown. 
Marine seeks to preserve the ephemeral with this project. The shown motifs deal with the longing for distance, the uncertainty and the question of survival. In loud and softer colors it presents a world that often lies unnoticed in front of us and whose aesthetics one takes for granted, without recognizing what is special about it. 

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