Mono Awase. Fumiko Iwawaga.

Posted in photography on February 19th, 2022 by v v
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“For over 12 years, I have been revelling in the joys of motherhood with my children, experiencing the miracle that is the human body and dtscovering. the ordinary but beautiful moments in our daily life. I have also been immortalising these wonderful impressions of our peaceful family life with my own camera. Despite these fulfilled and joyful periods with my three children, I felt tired and sometimes deeply melancholic when I looked at myself in a mirror. My body looked so different. My body had started to show the first signs of ageing. It was the beginning of self – conception – the beginning of self – realisation that I should observe every part of my body minutely, take care of myself and love myself. And unwittingly, I began to capture myself, on impulse, on camera, and in a very intimate way. My body became my muse, my object of reverence, my most important tool to create photographic art.”

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