Cura. #12

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CURA. No.12 – Fall 2012

Inside the cover –
DANIEL GUSTAV CRAMER – words by Luca Cerizza
PORTRAITS IN THE EXHIBITION SPACE – ‘Alfred H. Barr Jr, Modern is public’ by Lorenzo Benedetti
SPACES — STUDY CASES – ‘Chapt. 3 – Christian Bernard Mamco, Geneva’ by Vincent Honoré
MAKING AN EXHIBITION – ‘The Installers’ by Adam Carr
TALK – ‘Occupy Art?’ by Raimar Stange
FOCUS – ‘Sophie’s Complex’ by Jean-Max Colard
LAB – A project by Anna Barham, words by Catherine Wood
SPOTLIGHT – ‘Marie Lund’ by Cecilia Canziani
ISABELLE CORNARO – In conversation with Fabrice Stroun
BABAK GHAZI – ‘Sentimental Matters: An Exposure of Identity and Recognition’ by Nicoletta Lambertucci
THE EXHIBITION ROOM – ‘Toyota’- A project by Erik Van Der Weijde
POP QUIZ – A project by Iris Touliatou
FASHION CURATING – ‘In conversation with Emanuele Quinz & Luca Marchetti / mosign’ by Dobrila Denegri
BOOKS – ‘Performing the Curatorial, Within and Beyond Art’ by Costanza Paissan
THE FOX – ‘“So we proceed amidst contradictions”, Revisiting The Fox (1975-1976), part I’ by Felix Vogel
AGENDA – edited by Sara Feola

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