Correspondencia # 1

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Correspondencia is a literary and arts magazine published twice a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It’s content is 80 pages of images in color and 80 pages of texts in spanish and english.

Visual Dossiers
Mark Borthwick – Will Shine
Wolfgang Tillmans – Patagonia

Visual Fragments
Amit Berlowitz, Mathew Brady, Cedrick Eymenier, Kava Gorna, Alistair Hall, Gert Jonkers, Oskar Karlin, Nemanja Knezevic, Ana Armendariz, Luz Gianni, Mariana Higa, Fernando Mariani, Angeles Peña, Nahuel Vecino

Text Originals
Marcelo Gomes, Angela Hill, Cameron McKean, Harsh Patel, Javier Arroyuelo, Alejandro Cesarco, Edgardo Cozarinsky, María Gainza, Carmen Iriondo, Felisa Pinto, Máximo Tuja

Text Fragments
Kenneth Anger, Richard Brautigan, Jeff Buckley, Ralph Caplan, Francois Cheng, Clarice Lispector, Lucius Seneca, Rita Schnitzer, Walt Whitman, Domingo Sarmiento, Alfonsina Storni

Text Letters
Jacques Derrida, Francis Scott, Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Ted Hughes, Jean-Jacques, Rousseau, Madame de Sévigné, Susan Sontag, Diana Vreeland, Oscar Wilde, Victoria Ocampo

Director – Juan Ignacio Moralejo
Design – Panorama

14cm x 19,5cm / 160 pages

D 18€

Available for Distribution