Susanne Bürner @ Motto Berlin. 09.03.2013

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Saturday March 9, from 7pm @ Motto Berlin
Susanne Bürner
Book release and screening of Pierre et Poussière (20 min, color, sound, 2012)

Both talk about the reconstruction of memory related to an abandoned subterranean limestone quarry in Lorraine, France.
While Euville focuses on the former workers’ drawings on the walls of the quarries as their voice in an environment which didn’t leave much space for personal expression, Pierre et Poussière brings together different levels of temporality all representing the same place.

Susanne Bürner, Euville
Format 22 x 28,5 cm, hardcover, color
french/english translation
2000 copies
ISBN : 978-2-9533912-4-4
special limited photographic edition available
Captures Éditions Valence 2012 in collaboration with le Vent des forêts – espace rural d’art contemporain and the Office de tourisme du Pays de Commercy

Price: 25€

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On the same evening at Porcino, Susanne Bürner presents ‘Versteck’

Susanne Bürner. Leaves

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“Leaves” was shot in a public park in London. The video shows a meadow surrounded by trees as its theatrical protagonist. Susanne Bürner has conceived a publication of lose leaves in the nature of this spectacle. The publication provides reference material shifting between different formats, between, painting, film and landscape.
Thirty copies are accompanied by a silver gelatine photograph representing the film location at a time of the year when there’re almost no more leaves. Three exclusive editions are accompanied each by 5 silver gelatine photographs each with the characters of the video, the leaves, now dry. All hand-printed photographs (20,5 x 27 cm) are signed and numbered by the artist (prices on request).

Author(s): Anne-Sophie Dinant, Doreen Mende, Tina Hedwig Kaiser, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Roger Turner.
Design: Susanne Bürner et Daniela Burger
Published by Boa Books

D 10€