Strappato. Michael Rampa. Micronaut

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Strappato is published on the occasion of the exhibition « Blind approximate » at Château de Gruyères.

It combines works of Michael Rampa (born in 1977 in Château-d’Oex, lives and works in Lausanne). Using precise protocols, the book tries to deconstruct and reconfigure the specifications and the original materials in Rampa’s paintings.

Graphic Design: Jeremy Schorderet
Texts by Louis Bonard and Constant Bonard
Conversation of Michael Rampa with Julien Gremaud



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Micronaut 5: Keith Boadwee

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Micronaut 5: Keith Boadwee

Book published on the occasion of the exhibition
Keith Boadwee, 1989—2013 Hacienda Zürich,
Essays by Nicole Eisenman Justin Lieberman
Editors: Julien Gremaud & Pierre Girardin
June 12 – July 5, 2014. Micronaut n°5, June 2014
ISBN 978—2—8399—1442—0

ISBN: 9782839914420

Language: English


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