Strappato. Michael Rampa. Micronaut

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Strappato is published on the occasion of the exhibition « Blind approximate » at Château de Gruyères.

It combines works of Michael Rampa (born in 1977 in Château-d’Oex, lives and works in Lausanne). Using precise protocols, the book tries to deconstruct and reconfigure the specifications and the original materials in Rampa’s paintings.

Graphic Design: Jeremy Schorderet
Texts by Louis Bonard and Constant Bonard
Conversation of Michael Rampa with Julien Gremaud



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M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut.

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M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_1M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_2M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_3M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_4M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_5M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_6M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_7M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_8M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_9M (Micronaut #8). Arthur Fouray. Micronaut_Motto Books_11


Text: Arthur Fouray

Concept: Pierre Girardin, Nastassia Montel
Conversation: Arthur Fouray and Julien Gremaud

Published by Julien Gremaud, 2015
Micronaut #8

This book is the printed version of a surprising notes system held by Arthur Fouray

« Micronaut » is an editorial project initiated in 2011 with a singular approach to publishing and artist book. In three years of activity, the book series took several different forms, engaging a dialogue between disciplines and blurring the boundaries between actors involved in a book process.



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