A S T E R I S M S. Naomi B. Cook. Anteism Books

Posted in writing on July 13th, 2022
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asterism – | ˈastərɪsm | (noun) a group of stars that form a pattern in the night sky.

Asterisms – a new map reinterpreting the celestial sphere with 35 new star patterns.

Much like the 88 constellations that make up the officially recognized map of the celestial sphere, this new map is composed of recognizable shapes that reference people, animals and inanimate objects, expanding across the sky. In the tradition of Hellenistic astrology, each asterism is based on viewable celestial formations and references our continuous hope in the stars. All star formations have been complemented with a modern myth, each based on a verifiable certainty (i.e. a fact) that addresses modern concerns.

NAOMI B. COOK (b. 1982) lives and works in-between Montréal and Paris, studied art and philosophy at Concordia university, Montréal and received a Master 2 / Diplôme des Beaux-Arts de l’ESADHaR, Le Havre, France. Her work consists of research into large data sets as a way of creating visual representations that reveal embed patterns and poetry. She will be exhibiting in the NOVA_XX Biannual and NEMO Biannual as part of the exhibition at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris – “Decision Making: The Decisive Instant”. Her next solo show is December 10th at Christie Contemporary – Toronto who represents her. She has been a member of CLARK since 2014.

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