POV paper #3. Emmanuel Crivelli & David Berguglia. La Fête du Slip

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Swiss-based quarterly mind fucking paper about gender and sexuality, linked to the sex-positive festival La Fête du Slip. Sexy photos, illustrations, erotic fiction, reviews of porn and interesting films, records to listen, dance and fuck to, a selection of sex-positive events, as well as critical articles on theory, politics, sex-education, and lots more!

Journal, full color, under cellophane.

TEXTS BY: Bjork Grue Lidin , Viviane Morey & Elorri Harriet, Nayansaku Mufwankolo & Tristan Savoy , Michel P., Sasha Osipovich
IMAGES BY: Jean-Vincent Simonet, Louis-Philippe Scoufaras, Sinnes Dan


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