Drawing Room Confessions #3 / #4 – Mousse Publishing

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Drawing Room Confessions #3 / #4 – Mousse Publishing

Made of words and exchanges, with no images, Drawing Room Confessions is open to diverse practices and voices. It is named after a game played at the end of the nineteenth century in England and France, which consisted of a fixed questionnaire answered by players to reveal their tastes, aspirations and personalities. For every issue of the journal, we invite one artist to play the serious and playful game of conversation. Each section follows a set of rules, only the players change, as interviewers from a wide range of fields contribute to a portrait of the artist at a certain time.

DRC #3 stars:
Miriam Cahn as Miriam
Rene Pulfer as The Egoist
Griselda Pollock as The Blind Man
Andreas Osterwalder as Tango

DRC #4 stars:
David Lamelas as David
David Gothard as The Egoist
Robrecht Vanderbeeken as The Blind Man
Celine Condorelli as Tango
Gerard Hemsworth as The Double Dealer

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