Motto & OtherFilm @ Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. 06.03.2014.

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Motto & OtherFilm @ Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Motto & OtherFilm present a temporary store and screening of Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni’s In Search of UIQ at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

In Search of UIQ unfolds the story of Felix Guattari’s Un Amour d’UIQ both as a missing film and as a missed chance for cinema.
Slipping between documentary, fiction and essay, through the deployment of video and sound archives, letters and other documents that are enmeshed in a series of fabulations and spectral re-enactments, In Search of UIQ explores what Guattari’s cinema of the Infra-quark might have been (and may still become) in relation to his thought and clinical practice, and considers its implications in terms of the wider social and political transformations both of its own time and of the present moment.
Building a dynamic counterpoint between the unfilmed UIQ script and hypotheses of its possible manifestations, In Search of UIQ creates a phantom topography of this missing big-screen encounter involving science- fiction, schizoanalysis and molecular politics – virtually projecting UIQ towards horizons of present and future struggles as a tactical weapon of sabotage in the war of images.

To accompany the screening, Motto will present a temporary bookstore, offering a selection of books, magazines, records and artist’s publications.

Thursday 6th March, 6pm.

Institute of Modern Art
420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Brisbane, QLD