Cycles. J.J. Zana. bleu.

Posted in writing on July 6th, 2022
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The first creation of the new Berlin based imprint bleu. is a book of J.J. Zana that required a rigorous and collective production process. Writer and translator Katie Archer (USA), designer Alan Bolumar and printer Che Huber (Switzerland), all worked hand in hand in order to create an original artwork, in both substance and form. Because indeed, Cycles seem to be, in today’s literature, hardly possible to classify—though it clearly follows a fragmentary aesthetics, explores the borders of narration, and introduces a certain form of thinking in the eleven sections of the book. The result is a text based on the theories of art and madness (or desire) that breaks, or intents to break the concept of genre—or gender.

J.J. Zana (born 1985 in Marseille) is an artist whose main medium is writing. His first text (a translation from Spanish made in collaboration with Dani Zelko and Marie Bardet) has been published by Museum Reina Sofia (Madrid). He lives and works in Berlin. Bleu. is a new experimental project aiming to produce contemporary literature and music, initiated in Berlin by Nemo Ripoli.

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