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Curtain Show, Various Artists. Eastside Projects

Curtain Show revolves around Lilly Reich’s Silk and Velvet Café at the Women’s Fashion Exhibition in Berlin, in 1927. The trade fairs of the 19th century and early 20th century were places of great innovation in the fields of art and design, and a phenomenal example is Reich’s ‘Café’; but they were also inevitably sites of alliance between political power and design. Reich’s bold exposition of gold and silver silk and black, orange and red velvet draped over chromed-steel tubular frames created a maze of spaces in which visitors and traders were enveloped in a pioneering example of a temporary environment formed by the content of the exhibition. Starting from the installation’s complex spatial position and ambiguous political one, Curtain Show unfolds this dual role as curtains form background and foreground in a meeting of curtain works.

Includes texts by Tacita Dean, Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade, Hannah James and the script to Ines Schaber’s ‘Diabolic Tenant’, alongside frames of reference for Curtain Show from fields of architecture and design.

Designed by James Langdon
410 x 290 mm, 32 pp., b/w, pink, yellow and grey newspaper

D 5€


POTS PURR Part II, Hannah James.

Preview: 26.02.2011, 7 – 9pm

The obstacle of distance and dislocation of site are consistent with James’ interest in unknown locations within her work, unfamiliar and unidentified to the audience. Constructed space is used by the artist within pots purr as a way of raising these concerns.

Analogue film, such as 35mm slide photography and 16mm film, use James’ sculptural works as their muses, reproducing and representing these structures as projected or printed image. Through this, a sculptural dialogue is enabled between works; a textural and visceral language formed.

pots purr is concerned with the experience of an artwork, wanting to describe the practice of actively engaging with an object.

Chert Gallery, 26.02. – 26.03.2011