Bernd Kleinheisterkamps – La Source de l´Incendie – WIELS/Motto – 22.05.2013 (7pm)

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Ambitions, motivations and frustrations –  a book launch performance

Presentation of Bernd Kleinheisterkamps recent publication “Pirenópolis” – a surralistic city portrait.

“Pirenópolis is small town in the inland of Brazil. During the week Pirenópolis is a quiet, unhasty place. Most inhabitants still live on farming. Its historical center, the rural atmosphere and the countryside with a number of beautiful waterfalls around, attract people from all over, mainly from the nearby capital Brasilia. Especially on weekends and holidays. Why there is still such a remarkable number of Volkswagen Beetle all around, I don’t know exactly.”

“No, it’s not about cars, its about a city, I simply put a Beetle on your blind spot”

Pirenópolis: (greek) polis=town and pirinas = la source de l’incedie/du feu

Bernd Kleinheisterkamps (*1973) lives since 2007 in Brussels

“Pirenpolis” – a surralistic city portrait, 2013, artist book, 15 x 19,5 cm, colour, 55 pages, 100 copies

22.05.2013, 19:00
Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354,
1190 Bruxelles-Brussel