Pingo Hors d’oeuvre – 5th Edition. Luca F. Hillen (Ed.). Kinder Buenos 

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Pingo is published by Kinder Buenos in cooperation with tom is jerry books.

Pingo Hors d’oeuvre posting works of ÁRON KÓS LADÁNYI, William Eggleston, JEFF WALL, Carl Barks, ROBIN THOMAS, Getúlio Abelha, annabel laura huisman, Moebius, MICHELANGELO, Rosso Fiorentino, Charles Mengin, George Chambers Senior, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, DEVIN BLAIR, Luca Hillen, Rens Spanjaard, KATHLEEN VANESSA DANIEL, Floris Claesz van Dyck, Rudolf Koivu, Klana Callaghan, SOPHIE PETERS, Serena Ferrario, Alexandre Cabanel Phédre, RhoAnna Endicott, Ben Wittick, Yasumori Koide, Steven Shore, Rogier Houwen, John William Waterhouse, VILHELM HANSEN, Andrea Hillen, György Ladányi.

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