„Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. Performance – Art – Academy“. Discoteca Flaming Star @ Motto Berlin . 22.01.2014

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„Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. Performance – Art – Academy“
Wednesday, January 22nd @ Motto Berlin
7.30 pm

For the occasion Jeremiah Day presents the PERFORMANCE:
“The Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness”

Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. Performance — Art — Academy.

„Who is your work for?,” asks Amiri Baraka, in Jeremiah Day ‘s text, the students of the Naropa University. “In what ways does a search for one´s own artistic means stand in relation to an already classical vocabulary – in our case the classical period of modern performance art?” reads Felix Ensslin’s question to the performers after their performance of Esther Ferrer ‘s “Intimo y personal” at the Heusteigtheater. And Karolin Meunier reports how Ulrike Mueller questioned her own paintings and attempts to clarify with them to “How to leave behind the space of representation and move into the here and now of production and reception”. 

Issues that may not be answered with words but also in actions. Questions that do not want to be treated in the format of a conference. Questions that can lose themselves in the rush of the events of a performance festival. Questions, in need of constant revision and of new production, that are beyond simply exhibiting them. Instead, a perpetual Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. In the MoMA, in the library or alone in the bathroom. An event format with the goal to think performance, conversation, teaching and the event in conjunction.

The recent volume is edited by the organizers Johannes Paul Raether and Discoteca Flaming Star and documents in examples the performances and discussions of the first two organised events in Berlin and Stuttgart. In addition texts by the artists Karolin Meunier and Jeremiah Day, specially written for the publication, deepen the immediate impressions of the evenings and reflect from their own practice problems developed in the field of performance, art and academy.

A publication by the department of Fine Arts / Intermedia Arts of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart .
Edited by Discoteca Flaming Star and John Paul Raether.
Contributions: Jeremiah Day , Felix Ensslin, Sabrina Karl, Karolin Meunier, Yorgos Sapountzis, Ute Waldhausen, and others

Layout: Sarah Baumann and Antonia Terhedebrügge at the Institute for book design and media development of the State Academy of Fine Arts, Head Prof. Uli Cluss.
164 pp., numerous b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-942144-29-2
Price: EUR 10

Jeremiah Day will perform part of “The Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness”, his long-term project dealing with old-fashioned and uncomfortable questions of “truth,” understanding and factuality. With its point of departure in the 1970’s Church Commission – an investigation into the US intelligence agencies and the legacy of the man who led the hearings, Senator Frank Church – the work’s evolving forms seem to have a new relevancy against the backdrop of recent disclosures of wide-spread surveillance.

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