Panorama. Haruyuki Shirai. Haruyuki Shirai Studio

Posted in photography on September 21st, 2022
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‘Panorama’ is a collection of photographs of different landscapes in Tokyo captured between 2019-2020 using a slit camera that Haruyuki Shirai made himself.

‘Panorama’ is a combination of ‘pan’, meaning ‘all’, and ‘horama’, from the Greek word for ‘view’, hence the meaning ‘full view’. Haruyuki Shirai chose this word as the title of his book – a collection of photographs which capture ‘views of everything’.

The dimension of time is introduced, and the flow of time is projected horizontally, becoming a landscape-like scene. Upon a timeline, these photographs are the ‘views of everything’.

Text: Kinichi Obinata
Art Direction: Taro Kambe
Design: Noa Watanabe
Translation: Catherine Lealand

Edition of 500, numbered

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Vacance / Vacancy #02. Yuki Aizawa, Hiroyoshi Tomite. the future magazine

Posted in photography on April 17th, 2022
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In October, 2021. Tomite temporarily returned to Tokyo from Berlin and wrote his thoughts and feelings during his three-month staying in Tokyo in his diary and photographs, and Tokyo-based photographer Aizawa took photographs of Tokyo after his return from Berlin. He also spent a full month in Sapporo from before Christmas in December to January, just before the outbreak of Corona. This book is a compiled edition of writings and photographs during that period.

The titles “Vacance” and “VACANCY” are derived from the same etymology, and are ironically translated into positive words for the era of the corona pandemic.

Edition of 200, numbered

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