FOUR INSTRUMENTS. Evan Kleekamp. Apogee Graphics

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Four Instruments is an excerpt from the Los Angeles artist-researcher’s in-progress novel, So That My Balloon Will Take Me Downward. In this chapter, genderfreak race witch K. has a perplexing encounter with a digital camera and accidentally reawakens a demonic spirit named Madame CX. Meanwhile, her research into the work of conceptual painter R.H. Quaytman leads to a painful personal discovery about the limit of her senses.

Silkscreen on Niyodo paper.

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Gambaroff Krebber Quaytman Rayne – Bergen Kunsthall

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Nikolas Gambaroff, Michael Krebber, R.H. Quaytman, Blake Rayne – Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Kunsthall, Nov. 5- Dec. 22 2010

Exhibition catalogue

D 22,50€