Ingrid Hora. Die Wende.

Posted in photography, sports on November 21st, 2012
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Die Wende by Ingrid Hora, mit Seniorenschwimmgruppe Treptow, Berlin

Die Wende (›the Turn‹ in German) is the story of a group of women from former East Germany who are training to perform a particular movement in synchronized swimming, called ›die Wende‹, in which the swimmer perform an underwater backwards loop. Thee women, most of them over 60, are part of a still active East German association (Verein) and have been training together for over 20 years now.

Artist book printed with RISO MZ 770e at Rocky P. Matters, Berlin.
With texts by Shumon Basar, Emanuele Guidi and Maxi Obexer.
Published and edited by Ingrid Hora

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